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Upload log: - This observation suggests that the higher we select the more confidence we put in the function - Each period, all players are randomly matched. At the end of each round each player observes only the play in his own match. - This paper introduces an adaptive approach for a game-theoretic strategy on Complete Vehicle Energy Management
3D_Nikkor_Fish-Eye by - In order to improve the modeling of the demand behavior,a price elasticity of the demand (Ed) has been also considered - The type of vehicle we consider in this paper is a parallel hybrid heavy-duty truck equipped with a high-voltage battery
controlling.rar - controlling of the agv in the final year project - matlab programming search industry fields robotic power system alarm
circuit-n-program.rar - electormagnetic fields theory management - understanding of the question in the test
Laboratory - matlab emt lab1 set of asignments 1 2

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