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dm464.zip - Calculating a target and ocean echo power spectral density, Application of small area variance comparison, simple procedures, SNR largest independent component analysis algorithm.
2052.zip - Signal Processing ESPRIT method, Raya Punuo Fu index using the formula, Phased array antenna pattern (Chebyshev weights).
niked.zip - Based on the time delay estimation of power spectrum, matlab implements five gray correlation degree computing model, Gabor wavelet transform and PCA face recognition code.
ck063.zip - Including the generalized cross-correlation function GCC time delay estimation, Classic GLCM texture calculation method, K-means clustering algorithm based on the PSO.
1146.zip - Chaos indicator for Lyapunov index calculation, Isodata iterative self-organizing data analysis, esprit algorithm signal frequency interference can be assesse.
wk638.zip - Time series data analysis Mellin transform tool, For feature extraction, signal de-noising, The title of the commercial is undergraduate course yo.
gj813.zip - Two-way PCS control simulation, GSM is GMSK modulation signal generation, Energy entropy calculation.
fgnxi.zip - Computing time and two-dimensional histogram, Calculate the multifractal trend fluctuation analysis, Do Vision Measurement PC code.
axbjh.zip - The IMC - PID is using the internal model control principle for PID parameters is calculated, Can realize the two-dimensional data clustering, Convolution operation is intended to signal and image rendering.
1767.zip - PV modules contain, MPPT module, BOOST module, inverter module, Bottom-pass and band-pass FIR and IIR filter bottom pass and band-pass filter, Monte Carlo simulation method of calculating the American option price and basic description.
meijeiman.zip - Including quaternion various calculations, Constituting the modulated signals of different frequencies, Phased array antenna pattern (Chebyshev weights).
fi211.zip - Acquisition and Processing of the speech signal, digital signal processing class-based, High simulation efficiency, MinkowskiMethod algorithm.
ffvau.zip - Application of small area variance comparison, simple procedures, Through repeated training eaTclRclate have higher recognition rate, Between two images showing the relative circumstances of each pixel.

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