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Upload log: - yes again finally last hope i can download - this is the new source which also contains emu8086 programs - this program was made using assembly language in emu8086 - this is all my examples in assembly emu 8086 - The output of this program is to print letters from a to z

Download log:
designlastclock.rar - 在emu8086系统下正常运行的一个电子时钟汇编程序,需要硬件平台支持,接口自己修改
An-electronic-clock.rar - 一个可以显示当前时间的电子时钟,需要用EMU8086运行即可
clock.rar - 模拟时钟汇编语言程序设计,适合8086学习汇编语言的学生学习,可修改直接做为自己微机原理课程设计