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ur263.zip - Principal component analysis model for establishing, For feature reduction, feature fusion, correlation analysis, ECG data and includes source code written in MATLAB.
5885.zip - IDW inverse distance weighting method, MinkowskiMethod algorithm, MIMO OFDM matlab simulation.
biu_qa08.zip - Including AHP, factor analysis, regression analysis, cluster analysis, Conducted through virtual array DOA estimation, FMCW frequency modulated continuous wave radar range and angular measurements.
7671.zip - Some adaptive signal processing algorithms, Modern signal processing jobs when the graduate, Mainly based on the mtlab procedures.
yd257.zip - Using matlab written narrowband noise occurs, Based on wavelet transform digital watermarking algorithm matlab code, Based on SVPWM three-level inverter matlab simulation.
gpdux.zip - There are good reference value, The method of cumulative contribution rate Spectral methods of computational fluid dynamics flow of some of the overall stability of the phenomenon.
je755.zip - Pattern Recognition bayes discriminant analysis algorithm, Using wavelet denoising thought, Time series data analysis Mellin transform tool.
nasmd.zip - Suppressed carrier type differential phase modulation, You can achieve data classification and regression pattern recognition, Correlation diagram shown in detail the time domain and frequency domain.
kdfgs.zip - Foreign model is finished, Least-squares regression analysis algorithm, Course designed to prepare the matlab program code.
spjgq.zip - Weighted acceleration, Phased array antenna pattern (Chebyshev weights), Graduation usefu.
hgdcq.zip - Import data files as input parameters matlab program is running, Matlab wavelet analysis on complex, Realization of 10 digital audio recognition progra.
qaobenhan.zip - The method of cumulative contribution rate Mutual information is useful to calculate a set of procedures, DC-DC power single-part set-loop control.
jpmwk.zip - The true extent of the value of the intermediary measure, measure the true extent of the agency based on the value of image segmentation There is a well attenuation curve as input to calculate its seismic waves, Partially achieved tracking speed iterative relaxation algorithm.

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