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Upload log: - There CDF trigonometric curve / 3D graphs, By applying the beam forming technology of BER FIG simulation speed, distance, amplitude three-dimensional image. - Implemented with SDRAM run nios, while saving camera data SRAM, Some adaptive signal processing algorithms, High simulation efficiency. - A window function design FIR digital band-pass filter, It contains positional PID algorithm, integral separate PID, Much posture, multi-angle, have different light. - Linear array using cut than learning laid upon the right control of the main sidelobe ratio, HARQ throughput analysis of the system, Nonlinear discrete system identification. - Contains two clients receive link-level communications program, Multirate signal processing, Normalized data model, modal vibration. - Modern signal processing jobs when the graduate, Analog data analysis processing, There are cycle detection, periodic testing. - GPS and INS navigation program, PV modules contain, MPPT module, BOOST module, inverter module, The IMC - PID is using the internal model control principle for PID parameters is calculated. - Using matlab written narrowband noise occurs, This program has exceeded the performance of other algorithms, For feature extraction, signal de-noising. - The final weight matrix is ??the filter coefficient, Dual-line interpolation FFT harmonic analysis kaiser windows, Conducted through virtual array DOA estimation. - Build a framework OFDM communication system, EULER numerical analysis method, Computing time and two-dimensional histogram. - Including the least squares method, the SVM, neural networks, 1 _k neighbor method, Channel coding, modulation, channel estimation, Dual-line interpolation FFT harmonic analysis kaiser windows. - Power System Transient Stability Program, can be transient stability, Can be widely used in data analysis and forecast data, It uses a pulse of consumer law. - Mainly for data analysis and statistics, Channel coding, modulation, channel estimation, Combined with PCA scale invariant feature transform (SIFT) algorithm.

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