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yxczzf.rar - A permanent payment template, as long as the MySQL database, ninety percent sites and programs support the use of the template The MYSQL database needs more than 5 versions, and less than 5 of the following versions cannot use the payment template. Support: Game recharge (must be MYSQL database game), website recharge, etc.; Support: Alipay, WeChat, QQ wallet, payment card payment channel.
phpbbchina.zip - PhpBB has a friendly user interface, using the current popular PHP language on the Internet, and can be used with MySQL, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, and Access/ODBC database systems. It is suitable for most websites to build BBS system. The software development team comes from the open source community and is an international open source project

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program.zip - 矩阵DLU分解,A=D+L+U,D为对角矩阵,L为下三角矩阵,U为上三角矩阵
LU_Decom.rar - LU分解,基于MATLAB开发,求上三角函数和下三角函数
LU_FACTORIZATION.rar - 使用MATLAB实现矩阵的LU分解,MATLAB自带的函数是无法实现计算方法中的LU分解的;
lu_decompose.rar - 基于数值计算的矩阵分解。用MATLAB实现的LU分解算法