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Upload log: - DoitPHP (formerly Tommyframework) is a lightweight PHP framework based on the BSD open source protocol.
Ask2VSNS.rar - After uploading the program to the space, the domain name access will automatically jump to the installation interface to ensure the permissions of data and view folder under Linux 777.

Download log: - 基于IDL语言的SG滤波 可应用于遥感图像
BandM.rar - 处理MODIS的BRDF文件 ASCII格式
brdf_cal.rar - 基于ENVI和IDL的以HDF形式存储的已角度配准过后的遥感图像的BRDF计算,使用的核为li_transit和ross_thick。同时还有IDL基础教程和ENVI用户手册。