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symbol table_litle & opcode table.tar.gz - system programming, symbol table, little table and opcode table
office communication.tar.gz - Office communication
shared_memory.tar.gz - message passing using message queue
chat program using message queue.tar.gz - message passing by shared memory method and message quesu
socket programming .tar.gz - Socket programming and symbol table programs

Download log: - he APE testbed is work in progress. Therefore some things may work better than others and the documentation may be lacking in some areas. Our goal is to make all aspects of performing tests of ad-hoc routing protocols as easy and pain-free as possible. We believe we are well on the way to eliminaing most of the hassles and issues associated with this. Conducting tests is a complex task, therefore we appriciate all the feedback we can get those of you that find our work useful. We also urge those of you that use the APE testbed and make modifications to it, to contribute your work back to the community. This is done by informing any of the APE developers listed at the APE project page at of your changes. The APE testbed is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and has been developed at Uppsala University, with funding from Ericsson Telecom AB. Installation in Windows
Client.rar - This paper introduces a message forwarding algorithm for search applications within mobile ad hoc networks that is based on the concept of selecting the nearest node from a set of designated nodes. The algorithm, which is called Minimum Distance Packet Forwarding (MDPF), uses routing information to select the node with the minimum distance. The goal of the proposed algorithm is to minimize the average number of hops taken to reach the node that holds the desired data performed to derive the lower and upper bounds of the confidence interval for the mean hop count between the source node of the data request, on one hand, and the node that holds the desired data and the last node in the set of search nodes, on the other hand. In the experimental evaluation, the performance of MDPF was compared to that of Random Packet Forwarding (RPF) and Minimal Spanning Tree Forwarding (MSTF).
CC1101.rar - 工程项目,可以实现简单的自组网功能,还在进行测试中,不过基本功能已经可以实现了
dymoum-0.1.rar - 无线多媒体路由的NS2仿真代码, 向该文献的作者要来的。 - Th e program sinulates multicast operation in ad hoc networks using centdian definition.
ad-hoc.rar - 本文讨论了在未来无线通信中ad hoc网络的作用。Ad hoc网络可以分为:拥有大尺寸和小尺寸的ad hoc网络,在各种情形下集成的ad hoc网络,未来移动接入网络中蜂窝ad hoc网络。蜂窝 ad hoc网络可能成为一种很有前途的解决方案。 - Open cv 人脸检测程序 通过主程序检测出图片中的人脸,用于后期防盗准备
aodv-uu-0.9.5.tar.gz - 一种用于AD HOC 无线自组网络上的动态路由的源代码 - mobile ad hoc networks..
Ad-Hoc.rar - Ad-Hoc, Mobile,andWireless Networks
net.rar - 关于移动自组织网络的一些文档。希望对研究移动自组织网络的人有帮助
DTW.rar - Dynamic Time Warping(DTW)诞生有一定的历史了(日本学者Itakura提出),它出现的目的也比较单纯,是一种衡量两个长度不同的时间序列的相似度的方法。应用也比较广,主要是在模板匹配中,比如说用在孤立词语音识别(识别两段语音是否表示同一个单词),手势识别,数据挖掘和信息检索等中。
Starbuzz_basic website html.rar - 还不错的基础网页html代码,用于新手学习。
object-detection-deep-learning.rar - deep learning object identification and trcaking
StereoTracking.tar.gz - opencv streo vision tracking diffrent people
OpencvPython.rar - Program for real time tracking of faces using dlib
3.贝叶斯分类器.zip - 贝叶斯定理是用数学的方法来解释生活中大家都知道的常识,而机器学习使用的各种算法中,最常见的就是贝叶斯定理。此代码为贝叶斯分类python代码,包含高斯贝叶斯分类器,多项式贝叶斯分类器和伯努利贝叶斯分类器,并有具体的数据例子进行仿真比较
Jsp&Servlet入门级项目全程实录源码.rar - 学生个人信息系统的建立,包括详细视频和代码 - "Practical PostgreSQL" - John C. Worsley and Joshua D. Drake. PostgreSQL Database for professionals.
postgresql-8.3-A4.rar - postgresql 数据库用户文档,很难找