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RFID_Tags.rar - 915MHz RFID电子标签的系统级仿真
RFID.rar - rfid simulink仿真程序,rfid流程 - This code represent a simulation for cognitive radio networks, and contain of sensing algorithm, generated function for the specturm signals, analysis function for detection the white spaces, finally main function to run the code, the result is managing the cognitive radio to work together with PU primary user, - Based upon cognitive radio technology, we propose a new Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications paradigm, namely Cognitive M2M (CM2M) communication. We first motivate the use of cognitive radio technology in M2M communications from different point of views, including technical, applications, industry support, and standardization perspectives. Then, our CM2M network architecture and cognitive machine model are presented and the CM2M systems coexistence in TV white spaces is discussed
A-Survey-of-CR-Access-to-TVWS.rar - Cognitive radio is being intensively researched as the enabling technology for license-exempt access to the so-called TV White Spaces (TVWS), large portions of spectrum in the UHF/VHF bands which become available on a geographical basis after digital switchover. Both in the US, and more recently, in the UK the regulators have given conditional endorsement to this new mode of access.
cooperativedetectioninCR-(2).zip - 认知无线电频谱感知,基于matlab的认知无线电合作频谱感知代码 - This is spectrum convert sensing file. It can be used in matlab.
channel-fading.rar - fading channel for the ofdma system, implementation by simulink
DVB_T_energy.rar - 认知无线电频谱感知能量检测算法,适用于新手学习和工程仿真使用。
primary-and-secondary-user.rar - primary and secondary user creation in cognitive radio
cogradio.rar - cognitive radio simulation for x no of users communicating over n no of chammnels
codes_crfrom net.rar - Spectrum sensing in cognitive radio networks
71477226Cognitive_Radio.rar - cognitive radio project report along with simulation results - manual implementation of cognitive radio
cognitive-radio-matlab.rar - Its matlab code for simulation of cognitive radio.
cognitive-radio-spectrum-sensing.rar - 认知无线电技术和频谱感知相关matlab代码,循环检测,周期性检测等
Simulation-Of-a-Cognitive-Radio-System-In-Matlab. - simulation of cognitive radio using matlab - wireless example file in NS-2
4.NS-by-Example.rar - ns-2关于wsn的程序代码 是很好的例子
lab3.rar - 在ns-2中实现lab3的仿真,以及分析网络的吞吐量、时延、抖动等功能