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Upload log: - matlab simulation to kalman filter
dobble - matlab simulation to double canceler - matlab simulation to linear array - matlab simulation to LFM
add, - this file adding noise to radar signal

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24GHZ_FMCW.rar - 24GHZ雷达的FMCW测距测速算法文档,,,24GHZ雷达的FMCW测距测速算法文档,,,
range.rar - FMCW(调频连续波)雷达测距matlab程序仿真
FMCW-radar-ranging.rar - FMCW雷达测距的信号处理技术研究 非常好的资料 - a useful code for simulation of fmcw radar
RADAR-sim.rar - Radar Signal Simulation Using Matlab
Radar-speed-program.rar - matlab程序,调频脉冲波雷达回波信号检测到速度信息
radar-signal-simulation.rar - 雷达信号的仿真,内附源代码和程序的说明。对于学习雷达信号的人来说,非常有用 - 雷达信号处理,matlab仿真,雷达系统设计的一组MATLAB程序
radar-Matlab.rar - 雷达信号处理的matlab程序及各种滤波器设计 - MTI雷达(动目标检测雷达)能够抑制杂波保留目标信号
radar-simulation-program.rar - 雷达系统的仿真程序,有需要的朋友可以看一下,谢谢支持
TMS320C6416-FPGA.rar - 一种基于TMS320C6416和FPGA的实时雷达信号模拟器设计
Monopulse_radar_angle_measurement.rar - 双基线雷达单脉冲测角与解模糊提高测角精度
VHDL_Core_for_1024_Point_Radix_4_FFT_Computation. - This paper shows the development of a 1024-point radix-4 FFT VHDL core for applications in hardware signal processing, targeting low-cost FPGA technologies. The developed core is targeted into a Xilinx庐 Spartan鈩?3 XC3S200 FPGA with the inclusion of a VGA display interface and an external 16-bit data acquisition system for performance evaluation purposes. Several tests were performed in order to verify FFT core functionality, besides the time performance analysis highlights the core advantages over commercially available DSPs and Pentium-based PCs. The core is compared with similar third party IP cores targeting resourceful FPGA technologies. The novelty of this work is to provide a lowcost, resource efficient core for spectrum analysis applications.
雷达.rar - 雷达:很不错的请大家帮助检测一下.
LPI.rar - 低截获概率雷达信号处理及硬件仿真 lunwen