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Upload log: - Compared with the results of theoretical analysis, Mutual information is useful to calculate a set of procedures, About ultrasonic parking radar ranging. - Based on SVPWM three-level inverter matlab simulation, Contains two clients receive link-level communications program, ICA (Principal Component Analysis) algorithm and procedures. - The received signal is given eye and BER simulation systems, Time series data analysis Mellin transform tool, Application of small area variance comparison, simple procedures. - Including principal component analysis, factor analysis, Bayesian analysis, Machine learning routines, Modern signal processing used in the spectral estimation in matlab. - To achieve the recognition of 10 digital sound, Arrival process is a Poisson process, Multivariate least squares fitting method of nonlinear equations. - Several new methods sar image denoising, Weighted acceleration, Undergraduate complete set requirements refer to the standard test models. - Pattern Recognition bayes discriminant analysis algorithm, Arrival process is a Poisson process, Suppressed carrier type differential phase modulation. - Rotating machinery 2-d holographic spectrum calculation, Combined with PCA scale invariant feature transform (SIFT) algorithm, Mainly based on the mtlab procedures. - Car class-based truck driver trying to Matlab program, For lack of EMD, Rotating Machinery dimensional hologram of practical spectrum calculation routines. - Data analysis, plotting, etc., For time-frequency analysis algorithm, Mutual information is useful to calculate a set of procedures. - Including regression analysis and probability and statistics, Debugging can be used, A noise auxiliary data analysis method. - Using wavelet denoising thought, Foreign model is finished, IDW inverse distance weighting method. - Ensure accurate communication is learning a good helper, Based on multi-document image obtained combining technique, There are detailed notes. - Using weighted model nodes in the network strength and weight are power law distribution, Part of the license plate recognition locator feature, PLS PLS toolbox. - wolf calculated Lyapunov exponent, Is a practical method of path planning, cordic matlab simulation algorithm. - ML estimation method can be a good signal to noise ratio, For lack of EMD, Graduation usefu. - By matlab code, Pisarenko harmonic decomposition algorithm, Rotating machinery 2-d holographic spectrum calculation. - Fractional Fourier transform computing, The commonly used digital signal modulation based on artificial neural network, Including single sideband, double sideband, suppressed carrier and quadruple. - Including single sideband, double sideband, suppressed carrier and quadruple, Calculation of growth, entry-level program grains Simulation of the effect is very good. - There Wavelet Analysis Blind Signal Processing, Raya Punuo Fu index using the formula, Multi-target tracking particle filter. - Including the generalized cross-correlation function GCC time delay estimation, Achieve serial data acquisition, Based chebyshev underwater acoustic signal analysis. - Extract important parameters, Realization of 10 digital audio recognition program Is the topic of the elementary school stage curriculum design. - It contains positional PID algorithm, integral separate PID, Based on matlab GUI interface design, Data analysis, plotting, etc.. - A noise auxiliary data analysis method, Signal dimension estimates, Space target recognition algorithm using PM. - For feature extraction, signal de-noising, Is a two hidden layer back propagation neural network, For feature reduction, feature fusion, correlation analysis. - Use serial programming examples matlab GUI implementation, FIG simulation speed, distance, amplitude three-dimensional image, Fractional Fourier transform computing. - There are detailed notes, Matching Pursuit and orthogonal matching pursuit, It comprises aircraft flight attitude control, such as slip angle, tilt angle, roll angle, pitch angle.

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