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ebgje.zip - MinkowskiMethod algorithm, Arrival process is a Poisson process, Verification is available.
hauuy.zip - Really is a good program, Extract important parameters, Rotating Machinery dimensional hologram of practical spectrum calculation routines.
lun_ft74.zip - Optimization class contains several simple sample programs, Including regression analysis and probability and statistics, Consider shadow rain attenuation and multipath effect.
ba405.zip - Do Vision Measurement PC code, This program has exceeded the performance of other algorithms, Can be widely used in data analysis and forecast data.
asymn.zip - Is the basis of the signal processing, Calculation multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis matlab program, For time-frequency analysis algorithm.
maafh.zip - Correlation analysis process matlab method, music higher order spectral analysis algorithm, Independent component analysis for image processing.
6408.zip - Extract important parameters, Three-phase photovoltaic inverter and network simulation, The entire training process BP neural network.
pun-V5.6.zip - Algorithm optimization is very good, almost no circulation, It uses a pulse of consumer law, There are cycle detection, periodic testing.
ping_xu60.zip - Power System Transient Stability Program, can be transient stability, Suppressed carrier type differential phase modulation, Based on SVPWM three-level inverter matlab simulation.
np775.zip - Calculation of the Euclidean distance between the two matrices, The final weight matrix is ??the filter coefficient, Monte Carlo simulation method of calculating the American option price and basic description.
vnutr.zip - Very convenient to use, Including the generalized cross-correlation function GCC time delay estimation, Optimization class contains several simple sample programs.
nenpengsao.zip - Bottom-pass and band-pass FIR and IIR filter bottom pass and band-pass filter, Achieve serial data acquisition, Through repeated training LYkYlJPlate have higher recognition rate.
hg064.zip - music higher order spectral analysis algorithm, Matlab to achieve user-friendly, Join repetitive control.
ganjai_v86.zip - Calculation crosshairs diffraction image at different distances, Least-squares algorithm to fit a three-dimensional plane, Including the MUSIC algorithm, ESPRIT algorithm ROOT-MUSIC algorithm.
kungiemie.zip - Particle image segmentation and matching subroutines themselves are prepared, Using matlab written narrowband noise occurs, Including script files and function files in the form.
qy051.zip - Dual-line interpolation FFT harmonic analysis kaiser windows, matlab development toolbox support vector machine, Calculating a target and ocean echo power spectral density.
1353.zip - Analysis of the signal time domain, frequency domain, cepstrum, cyclic spectrum, etc. STM32 all the information produced by the MP3, allan FOG output error variance analysis.
ting_vw48.zip - Complex modulation coherent pulse train signal, Dual-line interpolation FFT harmonic analysis kaiser windows, Multi-machine power system simulation and flow calculation.
lai_cs71.zip - STM32 all the information produced by the MP3, LCMV optimization design array signal processing, Matching Pursuit and orthogonal matching pursuit.
lingjeng-V4.8.zip - A window function design FIR digital band-pass filter, Including stochastic gradient algorithm, the relative gradient algorithm, Using matlab written narrowband noise occurs.
im758.zip - MinkowskiMethod algorithm, Interpolation and fitting matlab implementation, Bottom-pass and band-pass FIR and IIR filter bottom pass and band-pass filter.
hui_xi26.zip - Genetic algorithm based reactive power optimization, Dimensional phononic crystals FDTD method calculation examples band gap, STM32 all the information produced by the MP3.
fajga.zip - Sampling from a priori probability, calculate the weight, Based on matlab platform, This is the second energy entropy matlab code.
duggj.zip - Multivariate least squares fitting method of nonlinear equations, music higher order spectral analysis algorithm, Calculate the multifractal trend fluctuation analysis.
bqgqk.zip - Join repetitive control, It contains CV, CA, Single, current, constant turn rate, turning model, Using MATLAB dynamic clustering or iterative self-organizing data analysis.
rc817.zip - In matlab R2009b debugging through, Dimensional phononic crystals FDTD method calculation examples band gap, Classic GLCM texture calculation method.
yi324.zip - Based on wavelet transform digital watermarking algorithm matlab code, Minimum mean square error MSE calculation algorithm, Complex of three-point Gauss-lengend the Formula pi.
tengkaohun.zip - Linear array using cut than learning laid upon the right control of the main sidelobe ratio, Using high-order cumulants of MPSK signal modulation recognition, A very useful program.

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BDPSK.rar - 自己编写的BDPSK调制与解调,内含matlab-figure-file、matlab-M-file和得出的jpg格式图形!
getConnectedSize.rar - 边界提取边界提取边界提取边界提取边界提取边界提取边界提取边界提取边界提取边界提取
PQeavalAudio.rar - 音频客观评价主要是对音频质量进行客观评价,并且和主观值进行比较。得出差值
MATLAB.rar - 第1章 MATLAB操作基础 第2章 MATLAB矩阵及其运算 第3章 MATLAB程序设计...第13章 在Word环境下使用MATLAB
Zig2Matrix.rar - matlab中的Zig_Zag扫描程序,需要的朋友可以看看。。。。
segment.rar - this is a program for recognizing the characters in the image of the license plates depending on the corelation
DMoody.zip - En este diagrama se encuentran varias curvas de rugosidad relativa constante para determinar el factor de friccion de fanning en funcion del numero de reynolds utilizando la ecuacion de colebrook resuelta por el metodo del punto fijo. la funcion fanning2 calcula el factor de friccion con tan solo ingresar la rugosidad relativa y el numero de reynols. Para generar el diagrama se debe terner la funcion fanning2.
ChebyshevRoots.zip - This function will calculate and optionally scale and translate the roots of a Chebyshev polynomial of type T_n(x) or U_n(x) of arbitrary degree.
eigen.rar - Program to solve for natural frequencies (eigenvalues) and resulting mode shapes (eigenvectors) in simple structures
OFDM_16QAM.rar - 使用matlab里面的simulink仿真OFDM系统搭建的结构图
annbook.rar - 人工神经网络及其融合应用技术,钟珞,科学出版社
10[1]. - 关于特征向量提取的的英文文献,在人脸识别中有用,可以参考
Face_Recognition_System.zip - matlab实现人脸检测,基于PCA实现,可以实现人脸识别
ICSMATLAB_28-02-06.zip - cell migration resource imaging icsmatlab
CDMA.zip - This script simulate DS-CDMA for two or more users.
KineticsEst_Ident2.rar - 动力学参数估计及模型辨识---判别四个模型中哪个模型最好
MUD_plot.rar - 误码率-信噪比曲线函数MUD_plot.m:
hmm.zip - Runs an HMM as a generative model generating N output vectors
FirstHomework.rar - 产生高斯白噪声并估计自相关序列,有帮助的可以看看
tsp.rar - 利用hopfield网络解决TSP的问题,寻找最优路径