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Upload log: - C++ program using OpenMP to solve 2D levels from the IQ-puzzle 505 from Lonpos from Look in level.txt for example usage. Compile program using gcc with: gcc -O3 -fopenmp -o iqps iqps.cpp Run with: ./iqps (path to level.txt) - Simple arduino program that is a proof of concept to fade leds on the arduino in a sinuswave pattern. - Basic program that plays nokia ring tone songs (RTTTL) from the serial interface on arduino. - Simple arduino sketch for controlling 3 phase motor such as the motor that spins a HDD.
basicsensor.tar.gz - a basic program to read from the sensors over i2c. I looked at the source code for RTIMULibDrive11 and the datasheets for HTS221 and LPS25H to build the program. Here is the source code for anyone interested (very simple but it gets the job done).

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