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Upload log: - Principal component analysis model for establishing, A very useful program, GPS and INS navigation program. - There are reference Oh, It uses a pulse of consumer law, Is a two hidden layer back propagation neural network. - Comparison of soft threshold and hard threshold and today various threshold calculation method, Automatic identification in the matlab environment the size of the connected area, Combination formula DSmT evidence reasoning calculation function. - Of spherical harmonics graphic simulation, Maximum Likelihood (ML) criteria and maximum a posteriori (MAP) criterion, matlab development toolbox support vector machine. - Particle image segmentation and matching subroutines themselves are prepared, Independent component analysis for image processing, The Chinese have a comment, understand it. - Signal dimension estimates, Partial least squares method, Build a framework OFDM communication system. - Through repeated training ZkgRaITlate have higher recognition rate, You can get a very accurate amplitude, frequency, phase estimation, IDW inverse distance weighting method. - Sampling from a priori probability, calculate the weight, Using high-order cumulants of MPSK signal modulation recognition, Based on multi-document image obtained combining technique. - Algorithm optimization is very good, almost no circulation, Dual-line interpolation FFT harmonic analysis kaiser windows, Use of natural gradient algorithm. - A one-dimensional transfer matrix method to calculate the phonon crystal structure, For lack of EMD, Modern signal processing used in the spectral estimation in matlab. - Combined with PCA scale invariant feature transform (SIFT) algorithm, The true extent of the value of the intermediary measure, measure the true extent of the agency based on the value of image segmentation Using wavelet denoising thought. - There are detailed notes, Analog data analysis processing, Using MATLAB compressed sensing. - Based on multi-document image obtained combining technique, Machine learning routines, Calculating a target and ocean echo power spectral density. - Multi-target tracking particle filter, Computation Method D phononic bandgap plane wave, Iterative self-organizing data analysis. - NRZ type differential phase modulation signal modeling and simulation analysis, MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory identification of the target source, Between two images showing the relative circumstances of each pixel. - Including AHP, factor analysis, regression analysis, cluster analysis, Computation Method D phononic bandgap plane wave, Raya Punuo Fu index using the formula. - matlab wavelet analysis program, Computing time and two-dimensional histogram, Mathematics is part of the subspace. - You can get a very accurate amplitude, frequency, phase estimation, ECG data and includes source code written in MATLAB, Verify recognition algorithm based on palmprint recognition undergraduate complete set of online identity. - The final weight matrix is ??the filter coefficient, matlab implements five gray correlation degree computing model, Based on matlab platform. - Independent component analysis for image processing, There are reference Oh, Example tracking mean cheap. - Add noise processing, Chaos indicator for Lyapunov index calculation, A complete set of brothers. - Partial least squares method, Partially achieved tracking speed iterative relaxation algorithm, Signal Processing ESPRIT method. - Calculating a target and ocean echo power spectral density, Fractal dimension calculation algorithm matlab code blankets, Based on the time delay estimation of power spectrum. - Face Recognition light treatment method, Complete class-based image processing, contains all of the source code, auto image, Based on matlab platform. - Really is a good program, Calculation multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis matlab program, For beginners with a reference value. - Space target recognition algorithm using PM, Relief computing classification weight, Iterative self-organizing data analysis. - Complex of three-point Gauss-lengend the Formula pi, MIMO OFDM matlab simulation, There CDF trigonometric curve / 3D graphs. - For lack of EMD, Raya Punuo Fu index using the formula, Bayesian parameter estimation principle mixed logit model.

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最新绝地求生驱动源码.rar - 最新绝地求生驱动源码,非原创目测可用。献给玩绝地的小伙伴们
绝地最新辅助源码3.5.5.6(编译可用).zip - Jedi perspective view source code, the latest for you to survive the Jedi
绝地求生大跳无后坐力.zip - 热键大跳,无后坐力修改,文件添加!易语言编写 - 此压缩文件为leach协议,采用基于C++的omnet++编写,希望对大家学习有帮助!
leach01.rar - 这是在omnet++4.0下可以运行的leach程序,所有的文件都被转换为4.0版本,程序经本人测试,可以正确运行
111.rar - 基于OMNET++的Leach协议仿真研究,学习无线传感网络仿真必看。
myleach.rar - 无线传感器网络的leach源代码(omnet++模拟)做omnet++仿真的可以 研究下。
Nesimetrija_vd_naponi_idealno.rar - unbalanced load analysis
Single_layer_perceptron.rar - single layer perceptron
motor.rar - 空间电压矢量PWM控制中电机模型的设计与实现
Speech-Processing-using-MATLAB.rar - speech signal processing toolbox
fiber_eigen_modes.ra.rar - 光纤本征模式的计算matlab源代码,可以计算光纤的本征模式
snowflake.rar - 对一个等边三角形,每条边按照Koch曲线的方式进行迭代,产生的分形图称为Koch雪花。编制程序绘制出它的图形,并计算Koch雪花的面积,以及它的分形维数
PSO.rar - 粒子群算法的matlab程序,建立一个function,写下目标函数就可以使用
233.rar - 介绍卷积码的编码和译码,对误码性能的分析
Signal-processing-simulation.rar - 运用MATLAB对自适应滤波器的应用、非平稳信号、非高斯信号进行分析处理。 - esprit是经典的DOA算法 算法运算速度优于musci
Energy_Detection.rar - 认知无线电能连检测法Matlab仿真 此程序检测了认知无线电能量法的性能 并绘图 - 转差控制法的matlab模型文件,矢量控制的另一种形式
matlab.rar - 应用于MATLAB中对图像的非线性变换,直方图均衡化线性,平滑滤波器