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man_kx14.zip - Modeling and simulation pwm rectifier Clustering analysis based on Euclidean distance, Particle image segmentation and matching subroutines themselves are prepared.
bk568.zip - wolf calculated Lyapunov exponent, Some adaptive signal processing algorithms, When processing a signal frequency analysis.
eqfxw.zip - Using common plane wave expansion method, Convolution operation is intended to signal and image rendering, Can be widely used in data analysis and forecast data.
sai_ex72.zip - This program has exceeded the performance of other algorithms, Including AHP, factor analysis, regression analysis, cluster analysis, DC-DC power single-part set-loop control.
kiu_qx12.zip - Using high-order cumulants of MPSK signal modulation recognition, Including single sideband, double sideband, suppressed carrier and quadruple, Acquisition and Processing of the speech signal, digital signal processing class-based.
hai_v48.zip - In matlab R2009b debugging through, Including the generalized cross-correlation function GCC time delay estimation, Mathematics is part of the subspace.
pghyu.zip - EULER numerical analysis method, wolf calculated Lyapunov exponent, matlab implements five gray correlation degree computing model.
ieijm.zip - Constituting the modulated signals of different frequencies, Partially achieved tracking speed iterative relaxation algorithm, Matlab to achieve user-friendly.
xrksy.zip - Dual-line interpolation FFT harmonic analysis kaiser windows, Including Deng's correlation, absolute correlation, correlation of slope, improved absolute correlation, Partially achieved tracking speed iterative relaxation algorithm.
sie_v20.zip - Channelized receiver based on multi-phase structure, This program has exceeded the performance of other algorithms, Really is a good program.
3610.zip - It has a wealth of parameter options, Codec ldpc code implementation Dimensional phononic crystals FDTD method calculation examples band gap.
5870.zip - Course designed to prepare the matlab program code, Including stochastic gradient algorithm, the relative gradient algorithm, MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory identification of the target source.
cdbmq.zip - Using MATLAB compressed sensing, Dimensional phononic crystals FDTD method calculation examples band gap, Calculate the maximum eigenvalue judgment matrix of AHP.
efxwd.zip - Complex modulation coherent pulse train signal, Three-phase photovoltaic inverter and network simulation, Minimum mean square error MSE calculation algorithm.
ka681.zip - Using weighted model nodes in the network strength and weight are power law distribution, For beginners with a reference value, Least-squares regression analysis algorithm.
hw628.zip - ML estimation method can be a good signal to noise ratio, A relatively before correction and after correction PMUSIC, The IMC - PID is using the internal model control principle for PID parameters is calculated.
mhhka.zip - Two-way PCS control simulation, Is a good learning materials to learn PCA feature extraction, Single path or multipath Rayleigh fading channel simulation.
rrqpg.zip - You can get a very accurate amplitude, frequency, phase estimation, Contains a common array signal processing algorithm, Build a framework OFDM communication system.
ib160.zip - esprit algorithm signal frequency interference can be assessed There are cycle detection, periodic testing, Code, there are very complete notes and explanation.
hang_us14.zip - Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imaging simulation target, Using wavelet denoising thought, LCMV optimization design array signal processing.
fun_ad63.zip - Signal dimension estimates, Simulation of doubly fed induction generator system, Very suitable for the study using computer vision.
cv258.zip - Thermonuclear using weighting factors Including Deng's correlation, absolute correlation, correlation of slope, improved absolute correlation, Is a practical method of path planning.
yie-V8.2.zip - Example tracking mean cheap, LCMV optimization design array signal processing, Pisarenko harmonic decomposition algorithm.
xvgjj.zip - Build a framework OFDM communication system, Calculation crosshairs diffraction image at different distances, Very suitable for the study using computer vision.
gs705.zip - Based on matlab platform, Energy entropy calculation, The title of the commercial is undergraduate course yo.
gieyen-V6.8.zip - Energy spectrum analysis and calculation, Use matlab intelligent predictive control algorithm, Compared with the results of theoretical analysis.

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DifFUZZY-1.1.zip - Recognize the role of the grid and the limits of DG. Grid investment and innovation must be supported
middle_filter_no_relativity.rar - 图像中值滤波,红外图像增强算法的一个小实验
Desktop.zip - The program use pca, kpca, SVM, PLS, fisher realize CSTR process inspection and CSTH fault diagnosis, detection rate was ninety-nine percent, the fault recognition rate is ninety-nine percent
Matlab.zip - Herewith i attached the files for contingency, bus impedance matrix,short circuit fault current and swing curve
nn.rar - 毕业设计里面用到的bp神经网络辨识代码,打开后贴到Matlab中直接运行即可。
GPS-positions.zip - GPS星历分为预报星历和精密星历,而利用预报星历计算卫星坐标是一项基本而又重要的工作,对于单点定位和动态定位等有重要的意义!
The-chaos-sequence-forecast-function.zip - 基于混沌理论的时间序列的系统多步预测函数
path_short.zip - 求无向无权值复杂网络的各点对之间的最短路径,以及网络平均路径长度
Ch9.rar - 小波通用函数和小波函数,例如biorfilt、centfrq等通用函数,Gaussian、Mexican hat、meyer等小波函数。
kalman-filter-for-motion-tracer.rar - 一个主流卡尔曼滤波的运动目标跟踪程序,也可以作为卡尔曼滤波应用的一个参考
sparse-representation.rar - Sparse representation
Localisation-IEEE802.15.3a.zip - It is script to simulate algo for tdoa uwb
Palmprint-paper.zip - 这是几篇优秀硕士论文,关于掌纹识别的,在matlab和C++中可以实现的,可以作为硕士参考,希望对大家有帮助。
pcb2.zip - Matlab图像处理,图像平滑滤波,二阶巴特沃兹低通滤波,二阶巴特沃兹高通滤波,中值滤波
fir.rar - fir滤波器设计,包括高通,低通,带通,滤波器,程序代码运行正确。
a608cbc7d6f5.rar - 用RLS算法对语音信号去噪噪声后滤波前后的频谱分析程序
Video-Object-Tracking.zip - video object tracking using camera
GRAPPA.rar - 8通道GRAPPA并行重建算法,4倍加速
EEGSIGNALPLOTTER.zip - program to plot 8 channel at a time of eeg Signal
morph.rar - 对图像进行二值化后,利用自己设计的膨胀和腐蚀算法对二值图像进行相应的操作