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Analysis.zip - Pdf of the analysis of squash in r
DeepLearning.zip - Deep learning in R language code.
main.zip - cats and dogs machine learning
Positions.zip - player positions in the court for performance analyzing
PositionOfPlayers.zip - position of squash player in r
GP.zip - gaussian process in python

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featureselection.zip - 使用MATLAB,ReliefF算法应用于特征提取,适用于shp属性数据。
reliefF.rar - reliefF algorithm for gene selection
relief.zip - A revised feature selection algorithm called relief algorithm
Relief.rar - Relief的Matlab源程序,Relief计算分类权重。输入格式在程序中有详细说明
kmeans-image-segmentation.rar - K-meansK均值聚类在无监督的情况下选择图像特征的算法
codes-matlab.rar - this codes is Source code for face detection of viola paper.of its Features is: Feature Computation: The “Integral” image representation Feature Selection: The AdaBoost training algorithm . Real-timeliness: A cascade of classifiers.
code-Feature-Selection-using-Matlab.rar - 主要完成图像特征出提取,包括5个特征选择算法:SFS,SBS,SFBS
code-of-reliefF-algrithm.zip - 给出了reliefF算法的matlab源代码,该算法用于处理目标属性为连续值的回归问题。是由relief算法拓展所得,可以处理多类别问题。
FeatureSelection.rar - Feature Selection using Matlab. The DEMO includes 5 feature selection algorithms: • Sequential Forward Selection (SFS) • Sequential Floating Forward Selection (SFFS) • Sequential Backward Selection (SBS) • Sequential Floating Backward Selection (SFBS) • ReliefF Two CCR estimation methods: • Cross-validation • Resubstitution After selecting the best feature subset, the classifier obtained can be used for classifying any pattern. Figure: Upper panel is the pattern x feature matrix Lower panel left are the features selected Lower panel right is the CCR curve during feature selection steps Right panel is the classification results of some patterns. This software was developed using Matlab 7.5 and Windows XP. Copyright: D. Ververidis and C.Kotropoulos AIIA Lab, Thessaloniki, Greece, jimver@aiia.csd.auth.gr costas@aiia.csd.auth.gr