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1646408.rar - 此为频偏校正程序,通过TD_GG算法得到的频偏值还存在几赫兹的残余频偏
rrfewence.rar - 模糊C均值聚类的一个参考材料,做模糊聚类是用的一个程序

Download log: - 关于复制粘贴的MATLAB代码 亲测可用。指的是同一副图片中的复制粘贴
id65-150525201045-lva1-app6891.rar - Hybrid Technique for Copy-Move Forgery Detection Using L*A*B* Color Space. - 快速检测复制粘贴图片,用于检测图像是否为复制粘贴伪造的
Amnprt-kaur..cmfd-using--DCT-and-SIFT.rar - Digital images are the most prevalent way to spread a message. So the authenticity of images is very essential. But due to advancement of the technology the editing of images has become very effortless. Copy-move forgery is most basic technique to alter an image. In this one part of image is copied, called as snippet, and pasted within same image and most likely post-processing it. Considerable number of algorithms is proposed to detect different post-processing on snippet of image. In this paper novel approach is proposed to detect combination of different post-processing operations by single method. It is analyzed that block-based features method DCT is robust to Gaussian noise and JPEG compression, secondly the keypoint-based feature method SIFT is robust to rotation and scaling. Thus by combining SIFT and DCT we are able to detect forgery under post-processing operations of rotation, scaling, Gaussian noise, and JPEG compression and thus the efficiency to detect forgery improves.
algo-copy-move-image-forgery.rar - DWT-PCA (EVD) Based Copy-move Image Forgery Detection
e-DCT.rar - DCT copy move forgert detection.
copymoveFAKE.rar - 数字图像copy-move篡改盲检测。一个很小的代码,用Matlab实现的。
Khan2.rar - 数字图像copy-move篡改检测。特征提取,相似块搜索