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integtectualmntlab.rar - 智力游戏_十全十美_解法matlab源代码!需要的下!不错的
146912.zip - 时频分布wigner-ville的仿真,可以通过改变信号,来看函数的分布情况

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SPDP(GRASP_RP).zip - 可选择节点的取货送货问题,采用Grasp and Path-relinking的算法,通过类似遗传算法的方法解决问题。
grasp.rar - GRASP (greedy randomized adaptive search Procedure) is an algorithm commonly applied to problems of combinatorial optimization. As various construction methods, the application of grasp is to create an initial solution and then perform a local search to improve the quality of the solution. Your differential to other methods is the generation of initial solution, based on the first three stages of its acronym in English: greedy (Greedy), random (trial) and adaptive (Adaptive).
67373.zip - 贪婪随机自适应搜索法(GRASP),使用随机化的最小最小完成时间算法来产生问题的初始解,再通过变邻域下降算法来改进这个解。
GRASP.rar - 贪婪随机自适应搜索法(GRASP),使用随机化的最小最小完成时间算法来产生问题的初始解,再通过变邻域下降算法来改进这个解。