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important article2.rar - hese problems, the antenna steering technique is employed in the TOPS mode. The azimuth antenna beam is rotated throughout the acquisition from backward to forward, acquiring very long bursts. After finishing the scan of the sub-swath 1, the look angle is changed to illuminate the sub-swath 2, performing the scan from backward to forward again.
ReadRasterFileNew.rar - In conventional ScanSAR mode, targets located at different azimuth positions are illuminated by different parts of the azimuth antenna pattern (AAP), resulting in problems of scalloping, and azimuth-varying distributed target ambiguity ratio and signal-to-noise ratio (SNR).
important article.rar - Based on the terrain observation by progressive scans (TOPS) mode, an efficient full-aperture image formation algorithm for focusing wide-swath spaceborne TOPS data is proposed.

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Focusing.rar - autofocusing algorithms using matlab
SARcompress.rar - 对合成孔径雷达方向谱分析,并且对雷达的鬼影进行去除 - 条带合成孔径雷达的点目标仿真程序,比较基础 - SAR 距离多普勒成像算法, 包含定标和自带二维傅里叶变换函数 - 滑动聚束模式的RD成像。聚束模式SAR中,天线始终指向场景中心,合成孔径的长度比相同条件下的条带式SAR长。对于滑动聚束模式SAR系统,由于天线的指向变化与两者都不同,所以与条带模式相比,其合成孔径更长,而且测绘带区域比聚束模式更大