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28Vol64No1.rar - bone fracture detection using matlab
1612.06615.rar - base papers and specification of image processing paper for deep motion detection
fontana2014.rar - matlab code for palm print identification
FIR_M.rar - FIR filter design with inner product units
anomoly-detection.rar - abnormal detection of crowd to product the people in public places

Download log: - 光伏最大功率点跟踪模型 希望对大家有用 谢谢 - This is a pwm circuit. pwm circuit is very necessary part for the control of the semiconductor switches like IGBT, MOSFET etc. to make converters like ac-dc, dc-dc, dc-ac, several types of converters are necessary. in all converters control circuit this pwm circuit can be used.
Abbas-Siyadati_Active-Filter1.rar - Single-Phase to Three-Phase Universal Active Power Filter - simulink model single phase to three phase
classPSO.rar - matlab编写的经典pso算法,简单易懂,功能强大
GPstuff.rar - Gaussian process models for Bayesian analysis (for Matlab) V1.1.0 - 《MATLAB数值计算》最新版本的全部代码Numerical.Computing.With.MATLAB
NumericalComputing.rar - Ebook on Numerical computing on matlab
Steganography.rar - 基于图象的数据隐写和提取matlab代码
lsbImDemo.rar - 是关于数字图像水印的算法,大家可以好好参考一下
ImageRestorationincludecodereportetc.rar - 图像复原,实现inverse Filter, Wiener Filter, Lucy-richardson 算法,里面包括PPT,代码和报告。非常有价值,是我视觉的大作业。 - 暗通道优先的单幅图片去雾算法,去雾效果明显,稳定性好 - 《A RETINEX-BASED ENHANCING APPROACH FOR SINGLE UNDERWATER IMAGE》基于retinex的水下图像复原算法,非常有效 - 一种新颖的退化图像复原算法。结合最大差值先验假设和最大局部对比度先验假设,快速有效的得到退化图像的深度转换估计图。结合软抠图法和shades of the gray算法实现图像去雾和水下图像处理。 - PAPR Reduction based on a Modified PTS with Interleaving and Pulse Shaping method for STBC MIMO-OFDM System. It is with GUI. Using GUI we can see comparison with number of sub carrier, sub-block and over sampling factor as well BER plot comparison of normal and with PTS technique. You need to run MIMO_OFDM_with_PTS.m Note: Do not delete or rename amy file and place all the files in one single folder because some are functions which are called in GUI code.
PTS.rar - 2,4,8,16子块数时PTS方法降低OFDM系统PAR的性能分析
figure44.rar - ofdm 系统降低 papr 的 pts 方法
ofdm-papr_slmPptsPc.rar - papr 3种方法 slm pts c变换
PTS.rar - PTS算法降低ofdm系统中的峰均功率比
PAPR-for-OFDM.rar - OFDM峰均比经典算法matlab程序,包括PTS,SLM,限幅等