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detctionextraireiris-(1).rar - Class for processing 2D Infrared Imaging, for both reflectance IR as well as absorbance IR. Currently, the datatypes are limited to text-based files, namely: (1) OMNIC exported spectra (*.csv file) format: 4000,0 0,016 Additional step was necessary to overcome the use of commas as decimal point. (2) OPUS exported spectra (*.0000 files) format: 4000.0,0.016 (3) OMNIC Map (*.map) The class in invoked as:
circlematlab.zip - CircleFinder finds circles in an RGB or grayscale Useage example: [r , c , rad] = circlefinder(im) finds circles with the default settings. See also: RGBCircle nonmaxsup1d houghtransform
irisCODE.rar - segmentiris - peforms automatic segmentation of the iris region an eye image. Also isolates noise areas such as occluding eyelids and eyelashes. Usage: [circleiris, circlepupil, imagewithnoise] = segmentiris(image) Arguments: eyeimage - the input eye image Output: circleiris - centre coordinates and radius of the detected iris boundary
localisationirismatlab.zip - nction varargout = IrisLocat(varargin) IRISLOCAT M-file for IrisLocat.fig IRISLOCAT, by itself, creates a new IRISLOCAT or raises the existing singleton*. H = IRISLOCAT returns the handle to a new IRISLOCAT or the handle to the existing singleton*. IRISLOCAT( CALLBACK ,hObject,eventData,handles,...) calls the local function named CALLBACK in IRISLOCAT.M with the given input arguments. IRISLOCAT( Property , Value ,...) creates a new IRISLOCAT or raises the existing singleton*. Starting the left, property value pairs are applied to the GUI before IrisLocat_OpeningFunction gets called. An unrecognized property name or invalid value makes property application stop. All inputs are passed to IrisLocat_OpeningFcn via varargin. *See GUI Options on GUIDE s Tools menu. Choose GUI allows only one instance to run (singleton) .

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ransac.rar - ransac,鲁棒性估计,多用于线估计,圆估计,等利用了概率论的知识,哈哈,互相学习一下
RANSAC-match.rar - 可以在harris角点检测和ncc粗匹配之后实现精确准确的角点匹配,为下一步配准做准备
irisDetectation.zip - 完整的虹膜识别的算法 完整的虹 完整的虹膜识别的算法膜识别的算法
adjgamma.rar - iris recognition iris gamma adjust
67506267irislocalization.rar - iris code with matlab + Daugman iris code matlab + code matlab for iris recognition + iris code detection
55593421pupil.rar - iris recognition code matlab + iris code matlab + iris code matlab + daugman iris recognition
47651459gaborga.rar - iris recognition code matlab + iris code matlab + iris code matlab + code matlab for iris recognition
h.rar - 虹膜识别
code.rar - 基于matlab的虹膜边缘识别 包括边缘检测,归一化,用汉明矩进行特征匹配
iris.zip - it is used to find the hamming distance between the two iris templates.The shift bits file will taken into the rotational inconsistency
iris.zip - Matlab code for iris segmentation and normalisation
Expert_Recognition_executable.zip - Pour la normalisation des régions de l iris, une technique basée sur le Modèle Caoutchouc en feuilles de DAUGMAN a été employée. Le centre de la pupille est considéré comme le point de référence, et les vecteurs radiales traversent la région de l iris, comme le montre la figure 24
Lee-Region.zip - Finger region localisation
SE_detec.rar - detection and localisation of objects
irisphaseprot.zip - iris code matlab+iris segmentation with matlab +iris localisation with matlab + iris pattern
eye.rar - 人眼状态识别。手动采用鼠标进行划分区域,然后程序进行眼睛状态的判断
Accurate-eye-center-location.zip - Accurate eye center location code
yantu.rar - 实现在通信系统中眼图的算法,方便观察眼图,以判断其码间串扰
eye.rar - 简单眼图,适用于初学者,仅仅是简单的代码,高手请绕道
IrisLocate.rar - 本源代码用来进行虹膜区域检测,可以用来进行视线跟踪、眼睛区域检测等。