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Vigenère cipher .rar - cipher Encrypt by using cipher
matlab programs.rar - Hill cipher Encrypt by using Hill cipher matlab code
experiment-5.rar - Cross correlation vs. Convolution
experiment-1.rar - MatLab representations of Discrete-time Signals
Lecture13.rar - Network layer Design Issues
lecture3.rar - VHDL stands for VHSIC (very high speed integrated circuit) HDL From Boolean algebra, we know that each row of a truth table represents a product term and the output can be written as the sum-of-products expression
lecture1.rar - learn VHDL language The next step is the actual writing of HDL code for modules, their interfaces, and their internal details.

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zizhuwangmac.rar - 一种基于认知无线电的自组网多信道MAC协议,对自组网多信道的MAC协议进行补充
maihglghd.rar - 利用matlab实现无线自组织网aodv仿真的算法源码。 为由50个节点构成的网络。在50m×50m大小的区域内,随机的产生50个节点。由用户指定源节点和目的节点,程序负责给出从源节点到目的节点的最小路径和此路径的跳数。各个节点之间设定为只要在自己直接通信范围内的其它节点
cooperative.rar - An ad-hoc network with a sender, a destination and a third station act- ing as a relay is analysed. The channels are modelled containing thermal noise, Rayleigh fading and path loss. Di® erent combining methods and di- versity protocols are compared. The amplify and forward protocol shows a better performance than the decode and forward protocol, unless an error correcting code is simulated. To combine the incoming signals the chan- nel quality should be estimated as well as possible. Information about the average quality shows nice bene¯ ts, and a rough approximation about the variation of the channel quality increases the performance even more.
function-TDSR.rar - Ad-hoc networks refer to temporary networks which form for special purposes. Mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs) are networks which use no network assisting element for routing, but every node has the role of router and actively participates in data forwarding. Security problems in MANETs are specified and investigated separately, because in these infrastructureless networks, in addition to all available problems in a wired or wireless network, there are some more problems. Since all connections are available in wireless form and they are audible, so they can be changeable. Also nodes themselves are involved in routing, so existence of a malicious node can lead to the destruction of the network and one of the most important challenges in these networks
wsn-simulation-in-matlab.rar - Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) is different than the Cellular Networks as I mentioned earlier. A WSN is composed of a large number of sensor nodes that communicate using a wireless medium (air). The sensor nodes are deployed randomly in the environment to be monitored. The sensor nodes distributed in ad hoc structure. In WSN there is no base station and not all nodes hear each other. The WSN is a multi-hop network. Basic part of my code is to randomly place the sensor nodes in the given space then connecting each two nodes if the distance between them less than or equal to the communication radius.
ALOHA.rar - 基于时隙式ALOHA无线自组织网络MATLAB代码,有载波侦听,信噪比模型 - 车载自组织网络中路边性能及防碰撞算法研究Research on the performance and anti collision algorithm of the vehicular ad hoc network - Energy consumption is a significant issue in ad hoc networks since mobile nodes are battery powered. In order to prolong the lifetime of ad hoc networks, it is the most critical issue to minimize the energy consumption of nodes. In this paper, we propose an energy efficient multipath routing protocol for choosing energy efficient path. This system also considers transmission power of nodes and residual energy as energy metrics in order to maximize the network lifetime and to reduce energy consumption of mobile nodes. The objective of our proposed system is to find an optimal route based on two energy metrics while choosing a route to transfer data packets. This system is implemented by using NS-2.34. Simulation results show that the proposed routing protocol with transmission power and residual energy control mode can extend the life-span of network and can achieve higher performance when compared to traditional ad-hoc on-demand multipath distance vector (AOMDV) routing protocol - MANET ad hoc Network
7213211Dijkstra_router.rar - Abstract—We propose two novel energy-aware routing algorithms for wireless ad hoc networks, called reliable minimum energy cost routing (RMECR) and reliable minimum energy routing (RMER). RMECR addresses three important requirements of ad hoc networks: energy-efficiency, reliability, and prolonging network lifetime. It considers the energy consumption and the remaining battery energy of nodes as well as quality of links to find energy-efficient and reliable routes that increase the operational lifetime of the network. RMER, on the other hand, is
0.5.rar - this is a matlab source code for simulation and modification the mobile ad-hoc network - ad hoc network topology for cognitive radio
Decentralized.rar - 介绍关于认知无线电机会频谱接入中,基于POMDP的实现认知用户吞吐量最大的一种算法,主要是在自组网环境中。 - “Queuing network models for delay analysis of multihop wireless ad hoc networks
RBFceshi.rar - Matlab中实现ad hoc网络中根据节点的历史地理信息预测未来时刻的位置曲线,在本人电脑上能够实现。
predicted.rar - 在Matlab中加入神经网络预测模型,实现对Ad Hoc网络的AODV的预测功能。
game1.rar - 最好邻居选择策略来改善移动自组织网络中自私节点的合作行为,通过matlab做的仿真实验。
OS-kernel-compile-graphic-tutorial.rar - 该方法用于android手机上的数据加密和解码,加密和解码主要采用的方法是MD5算法 - android 手机 应用加密算法详解 主要是des加密算法代码的解析 - 注意:本项目基于android studio开发,eclipse可能无法直接导入。 demo功能: 1、可以发送短信并且加密(通过改变string中的char) 2、能够查看手机中的短信 3、能够给收到的加密短信解密。 涉及到的知识点: 1、intent bundle传递 2、ContentResolver获取手机短信 3、listveiw与simpleAdapter 4、发送短信以及为发送短信设置要监听的广播