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Upload log: - MIDI File Reader - unit for MIDI files, read all possible info MIDI files with karaoke, lyrics ! Good to make karaoke player etc.
Beat-detector.rar - BeatDetector - program and unit to check beates in MP3, Wave files. Good to determine tempo in MP3 streams and possible to control for ex. lights via DMX etc ... - LaserBoy - program and source to create laser scene in DXF, ILDA and WAVE format. Easy implementation and decoding. - TBASSPlayer is a Delphi component, which helps you make stream players easily with the power of BASS audio library (bass.dll, basswma.dll, bassmidi.dll and basscd.dll). - MIDIPLEX - MIDI event editor written in Delphi 2010. The main goal is to provide exclusive editing features that other sequencers don t, for example low level MIDI event modification, support for old and some exotic music formats.

Download log: - MMTools控件,版本v2.5,适用Delphi7
TMSInstrumentation.rar - TMS Instrumentation components for Delphi 7
TMS.IW.v1.4.5.FS.rar - TMS Instrumentation Workshop v1.4.5 with Source
TIWD7.ZIP - TMS Instrumentation Workshop is the ultimate "must have" package when you are looking for professional instrumentation and digital components.
Plusmemo V6 for D2010 (partial source).rar - MemoPlus full sorces v 6
TMS.Component.Pack.v5.0.3.0.rar - Create modern-looking & feature-rich Windows applications faster with over 300 components in one money and time saving bundle
TMIDIPlayer_w_MidiSheet.rar - delphi midi lyrics karaoke