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binguanjiudian.zip - Gaestgiveriet Hotel website templates download source code according to the soldier station system CMS, OneThink framework based on open source, and more than 300 countries, conducted in-depth cooperation and communication demand, after a year of research and development time, to create a domestic simple and easy to use and easy operation of the site management background.

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jiachuangchazhi512.rar - 改程序能够实现加窗插值FFT算法的matlab仿真,已经得到实验验证,注解清晰详细,代码可读性强.以512点为例进行仿真计算,对与其他点数,如256或是1024可以通过简单修改即可
shuangpuxianchazhi.zip - 双谱线插值法程序,包含各种常见的窗函数,采样频率和点数可以自己设定。