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GMDH.zip - By means of gmdh algorithm a model can be represented as set of neurons in which different pairs of them in each layer are connected through a quadratic polynomial and thus produce new neurons in the next layer. Such representation can be used in modelling to map inputs to outputs. The formal defini.
Files and Codes.rar - this education provide using fradars web site. this move educated gui for matlab.
lwpr-1.2.6(3).zip - matlab contains the Matlab functions (.m files). To use the LWPR library from Matlab, all you have to do is to add this directory to your Matlab path, and to run "lwpr_buildmex" within Matlab in order to build the MEX wrappers. Recent versions of Octave (2.9.12 or later) are compatible with Matlab's MEX-interface, and thus the build script we provide works in that environment as well.
Fetex2.rar - this code not write with me. but very usefull for texter analisisfolder the software fetex2.0.saf vile, to perform feature extraction software tool for object-based image analysis. However, when opening the tool and trying to upload an image this problem appears: "Attempt to call undefined procedure/function: `ENVI_OPEN_FILE' I am using ENVI 5.0 with IDL 8.2
Dll2C.zip - MDLTPC_psnr_2DES_new _psnr_2DES_new MDLTPC_psnr_2DES_new MDLTPC_psnr_2DES_new _psnr_2DES_new MDLTPC_psnr_2DES_new MDLTPC_psnr_2DES_new MDLTPC_psnr_MDLTPC_psnr_2DES_new _new MDLTPC_psnr_2DES_new MDLTPC_psnr_2DES_new MDLTPC_psnr_2DES_new MDLTPC_psnr_2DES_new MDLTPC_psnr_2DES_new
ARIMA-GRNN hybrid model.zip - this code for ann analysis which very usefull for remote sensing and image processing you can free download arima texture code

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12_-Fallahi-AAM-R358-SF-012211.zip - The cement industry is one of the most important and profitable industries in Iran and great content of financial resources are investing in this sector yearly. In this paper a GMDH-type neural network and genetic algorithm is developed for stock price prediction of cement sector. For stocks price prediction by GMDH type-neural network, we are using earnings per share (EPS), Prediction Earnings Per Share (PEPS), Dividend per share (DPS), Price-earnings ratio (P/E), Earnings-price ratio (E/P) as input data and stock price as output data. For this work, data of ten cement companies is gathering Tehran stock exchange (TSE) in decennial range (1999-2008). GMDH type neural network is designed by 80 of the experimental data. For testing the appropriateness of the modeling, reminder of primary data were entered into the GMDH network. The results are very encouraging and congruent with the experimental results.
GRNN的数据预测-基于广义回归神经网络货运量预测.zip - GRNN的数据预测-基于广义回归神经网络货运量预测
MATLAB神经网络43个案例分析.zip - 本书共有43章,内容涵盖常见的神经网络(BP、RBF、SOM、Hopfield、Elman、LVQ、Kohonen、GRNN、NARX等)以及相关智能算法(SVM、决策树、随机森林、极限学习机等)。同时,部分章节也涉及了常见的优化算法(遗传算法、蚁群算法等)与神经网络的结合问题。此外,本书还介绍了MATLAB R2012b中神经网络工具箱的新增功能与特性,如神经网络并行计算、定制神经网络、神经网络高效编程等
The GMDH Algorithm of Ivakhnenk -.zip - The GMDH Algorithm of Ivakhnenk - Steps
ypml113-gmdh.zip - Codes for application of GMDH in MATLAB
R语言直径分布拟合代码.rar - 用于Weibull分布概率密度函数拟合林分直径分布的代码,对其进一步的分析有一定的帮助!
Microsoft_Unity_Succinctly.rar - An artificial neural network (sometimes abbreviated ANN, or shortened to just "neural network" when the context is clear) is a software system that loosely models biological neurons and synapses. Before explaining exactly how neural networks work, it is useful to understand what types of problems they can solve. The image in Figure 1-a represents a typical problem that might be solved using a neural network.
gaann.rar - 遗传算法优化的神经网络代码,添加数据文件,更改输入输入参数,可直接运行
ga-bp.rar - 一个遗传算法优化神经网络的分类器,可用于模式识别。
GAoptBP.rar - 采用遗传算法优化BP神经网络的权值和阈值
GA-bp.zip - 使用遗传算法优化BP神经网络,使用MATLAB实现编程
案例8.zip - 利用PSO优化GRNN案例,准确度上可能有问题
GRNN.rar - 广义神经网络实现非线性建模,有注释,带数据,适合初学者
RBF、GRNN和PNN神经网络.rar - RBF、GRNN和PNN神经网络课程,PPT,以及程序代码,希望对你有用!
RBF、GRNN和PNN神经网络案例.rar - 能够实现RBF,GRNN和PNN神经网络的案例,一个是RBF-近红外光谱汽油辛烷值预测,GRNN,PNN-鸢尾花种类识别。代码和数据均有,直接可以拿来使用。