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Lab-5-WC.rar - MATLAB to examine the performance of a Pseudo-Noise based spread spectrum scheme.
Lab-4-TO-BE-SUBMIT.rar - MATLAB to compare the performance of various digital modulation schemes commonly used to transmit digital signals over mobile communication channels.
Lab-3-TO-BE-SUBMIT.rar - MATLAB to model fading of a GSM system
Lab-2-TO-BE-SUBMIT.rar - MATLAB to model large scale path loss.
lab-1-graph-plot.rar - Rate of Error vs SNR
TNE-40003-Lab-5-4235576.rar - Investigation on Quality of Service (QoS) performance over 4G LTE with its effects on the voice calls, data and video application traffic using Riverbed (OPNET) platform
DRAFT-EEE40011_Report_4235576.rar - DRAFT EEE40011_Report_4235576

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