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nrf2410_linux.zip - nrf24l0的linux下的驱动代码,采用内核的spi接口,非IO模拟!非IO模拟!非IO模拟!。完成了基本的通讯,测试没有问题。
AD9834.zip - 在stm32下的AD9834驱动,功能完好可用
ds18b20.zip - 在杂项设备模型上开发的 ds18b20 驱动,测试可用,平台为 IMAX6Q

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rtl8723bs-master.zip - This repository originally contained a vendor driver provided by Realtek: rtl8723BS_WiFi_linux_v4.3.5.5_12290.20140916_BTCOEX20140507-4E40 It was then tidied up and had huge chunks of unused code removed by a number of contributors (see the git history for details), and eventually merged into the kernel staging tree in time for kernel 4.12-rc1.
OpenCV3编程入门 PDF扫描版[61MB].rar - opencv编程入门书籍,适合新手学习,PDF电子版书籍
testsound.rar - 基于QT的录音,回放,及打开PCM播放功能源码,支持Linux下Alsa播放,测试使用。