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JSS_2015071615285639.rar - i work for ameliorating rearch of power system

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Unit Commitment with PSO.rar - Unit commitment problem using Particle Swarm Optimization (UCP-PSO)
GENETIC-ALGORITHM.rar - The above attached file is a unit commitment optimization problem for 10 unit system using Genetic Algorithm.The main objective is to meet the demand and load constraints.The generation schedule of 10 unit system for 24 hours is generated. - select parent and mutation
128.rar - stochastic and deterministic unit commitment
New-folder.rar - matlab unitcommitment code
general.rar - Code For Lambda-iteration method of solving Economic dispatch problem
GAPS0.rar - Genetic algorithm developed with PSO
UnitCommitment_finale.rar - Unit Commitment modelling
05772540.rar - 含风电场经济调度含风电场经济调度含风电场经济调度
economic--emission-dispatch.rar - 用matlab编写的经典电力系统经济调度程序。
PSO_optization_Wind_UC.rar - 用于计算电力系统机组组合及经济调度问题,修改添加风电后可用于计算含风电系统的经济调度问题 - A classical problem in scheduling and integer programming is the unit commitment problem. In this problem, our task is to turn on and off power generating plants, in order to meet a forecasted future power demand, while minimizing our costs. We have several different power plants with different characteristics and running costs, and various constraints on how they can be used. We will start with a very simple model, and then expand this model with more advanced features. To make the code easy to read, we will write it in a verbose non-vectorized format - crross over and fittnes GA unit commitment - unit commitment by genetic algorithm - Modeling and Forecasting Electricity Loads and Prices: A Statistical Approach" by Rafał Weron, published by John Wiley and Sons, 2006. Rafał Weron的大作:电网系统负荷与价格预测与建模:一种统计方法的源码 - unit commitment by GA(select parent file)
EP.rar - an evolutionary programming for solving unit commitment problems
GABPMATLAB.rar - 利用遗传算法优化BP神经网络权值和阈值,然后进行训练,利用训练好的模型进行预估。附实例
pso.rar - 主要计算电力系统机组组合问题,高智能算法,收敛效果好,迭代稳定
wind_new.rar - 遗传算法解决含有风电场的电力系统机组组合问题