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c151 - pmsm control with matlab simulink. - inverter matlab simulation - Fuzzy and Neuro-fuzzy for robot navigation M-files - fuzzy system for data streams and functional data regression - An adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system or adaptive network-based fuzzy inference system in matlab
pidex0.rar - Proportionel Integral Derivative controller
SMabcshortsim1.rar - Synchronous motor in abc fram - ADAPTIVE NEUREL NETWORKS INFERENCE SYSTEM IN MATLAB SIMULINK

Download log: - This paper presents a simple and robust speed control scheme of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM). It is to achieve accurate control performance in the presence of load torque and plant parameter variation. A Kalman filter is used to estimate the rotor speed. A nonlinear backstepping control which is based on both feedback laws and Lyapunov theory is easily implemented on a PMSM driver using a TMS1103 DSP. The effectiveness of the proposed robust speed control approach is demonstrated by simulation and experimental results instructions
zhuansuguji.rar - 基于卡尔曼滤波器的PMSM的电阻估计模型 - this a useful program for students in electrical engineering and it it is about Luenberger observer for speed-sensorless DC motor drive
Luenberger.rar - Luenberger observer matlab simulink simulation - les commande vectorielle et scalaire des machines
comm_vect_indirecte.rar - Commande vectorielle directe matlab
commande-vectorielle.rar - simulation de la commande vectorielle directe et indirecte - Sensorless FOC of PMSM This document presents a solution to control a permanent magnet synchronous motor using the TMS320F2803x. This new family of DSPs enables cost-effective design of intelligent controllers for brushless motors which can fulfill enhanced operations, consisting of fewer system components, lower system cost and increased performances. The control method presented relies on the field orientated control (FOC). This algorithm maintains efficiency in a wide range of speeds and takes into consideration torque changes with transient phases by controlling the flux directly from the rotor coordinates. This application report presents the implementation of a control for sinusoidal PMSM motor. The sinusoidal voltage waveform applied to this motor is created by using the Space Vector modulation technique. Minimum amount of torque ripple appears when driving this sinusoidal BEMF motor with sinusoidal currents. - 用于永磁同步电机的矢量控制 dsp型号为F281X 仿真器为TDS510
PLCS7-200.rar - 电梯西门子S7-200 电梯梯形图 QQ:64134703 - 一个基本的异步电机滑膜观测器,包含矢量控制
MATLABarobot.rar - 刘金琨的机器人控制系统与matlab仿真程序,很实用,代码包括滑模变结构控制,模糊控制,反演控制等控制算法。
fzsm.rar - 基于一个二阶系统的滑模变结构控制的应用,另外加入了模糊控制来减轻变结构控制带来的振动. - 利用模糊滑模控制进行机械手的轨迹跟踪控制。 - 简单的模糊自适应鲁棒滑模控制程序,结合了模糊控制,鲁棒控制和滑模控制的优点
dtc-matlab.rar - 异步电机直接转矩控制,里面包括报告和直接转矩控制程序,有mdl文件和m文件
direct_torque_control.rar - matlab simulation of dtc fed im
dtc_observateur.rar - commande par dtc d un moteur à induction sans capteurs de vitesse en utilisant un observateur adaptatif
OULD_ABDOU.Taleb_Moustapha.tar.gz - Commande par Mode de Glissement Floue avec Observateur : Application à Différents Pendules Inversés
NTSM_ideal.rar - 感应电机终端滑模矢量控制系统,simulink仿真实验程序。