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Upload log: - empower lvap agent for 5G - Mathematics of Dopamine Algorithm - Effect of Dopamine using RL - Google/Dopamine Algorithm Implementation - Polar Code for 5G very usefull for channel realisation
quam_based_ber_analysis.rar - qam based ber analysis and all files
smartantennaBTS_receiver.rar - smart antenna system bts receiver
esprit_doa_estimation_bts.rar - espirit based doa estimation for smart antenna system
doa_estimate_smartantenna.rar - doa estimation for smart antenna based system
doa_estimation_BTS.rar - doa estimation for gsm bts smart antenna system second file
RF_Map_Build.rar - RF map build function for wireless localization
resampleSystematic.rar - resampling using extended kalman filter
resampleMultinomial.rar - resampling of data for particle filter
PF_WiFi.rar - Particle filter based code
gn_circular.rar - CIrcular array approach bsed on music algorithm

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Resource Allocation in WPCN.rar - The possible solution to overcome network performance issue is to maximize the weighted sum rate (WSR) and to minimize the total power consumption. To solve this we consider this problem as maximization or minimization problem for which we utilize global optimization techniques. We can incorporate different optimization approaches to form hybridized techniques which assist in minimizing the power consumption and maximizing the weighted sum rate.
resource - resourse allocation code in matlab
Q-learning.rar - 强化学习Qlearning简单演示。。。。。。
室内小小区VoLTE闭环功率控制的Q学习算法.zip - 应用于室内小区闭环功控 ,利用Q学习算法。使用python进行编程
5G evolution of user mobile security.rar - In this paper they have discussed various security issues of 4G with respect to Wi-max and long term evolution. These issues are discussed at MAC and physical layer level. The security issues are seen in terms of possible attacks, system vulnerabilities and privacy concerns. - MIMO in fbmc using matlab it includes all the code and comments in it as well to understand the code in matlab
LTE-ADownlink_v3.rar - LTE Advanced simulator files - LTE 链路级仿真代码,其中还包含经典的跨层调度算法,非常实用。
D2D-underlay-power-control-.rar - 用matlab对D2D蜂窝网络惊醒仿真。对D2D和蜂窝用户进行功率控制。 - 涉及D2D通信领域中,尤其是一种D2D通信中分布式功率控制方法。本发明解决其技术问题所采用的技术方案是:一种D2D通信中基于能效优化的分布式功率控制方法,所述控制方法包括以下步骤。本发明的有益效果主要表现在: - Code for Intracluster Device-to-Device Relay Algorithm With Optimal Resource Utilization - Adaptive OFDM Array modulation - adaptive beamforming modulation - carlo-Code_for_LOS_NLOS_effect_on_network - 5g and d2d coexistence
D2D单小区功率控制.rar - D2D通信中开环功控的演示,并对其进行编译
ENERGY.rar - D2D分布式功控 提高系统内吞吐量。设备到设备(D2D)通信是5G通信的关键技术特征之一,它提供了一种有效的方法来应对 - 5G network with NOMA performance analysis - 5G network performance analaysis
FOFDM.rar - Filtered OFDM technique for 5G wireless communication