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Upload log: - sitka_landslides: Exploration of landslide-related data for the Sitka, Alaska area. - joint-cohort-dating-site-jsnt: joint-cohort-dating-site-jsnt created by Classroom for GitHub - jquery.coverscroll: Improves scroll performance by adding a cover layer to prevent hover styles triggering - github-markdown-preview.user.js: DEPRECATED. Preview comment edits on GitHub issues & PRs. - table-multi-select: Wrapper to providing multiple row in standard HTML table - multi-hostname-proxy-reverse: Manage proxy reverse in server with this app. - cjs2es6import: convert CommonJS require expressions to ES6 module import statements

Download log: - OpenGL 资源头文件,glext.h。是纹理操作的必备文件。将此文件放入C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\include\GL即可
openGL-4.0-Cookbook.rar - OpenGL Shader 编程实例 英文原版 - BlueSky is a basic 3D game written in C++ that utilizes OpenGL 3.3. The rendering code and the code required to load .OBJ files are based on the tutorial code available at In addition to OpenGL, this project utilizes the GLFW, GLEW, and GLM libraries. - Opengl program opengl_car This is a simpele opengl project to create a car model and move the car model in a street. - opengl car racing game This are the Controls: W to accelerate. S to decelerate or reverse. D to go right. A to go left. Space bar for break. C to change camera view. - opengl terrain Building the sources -------------------- 1 On Windows Just open the solution with vs2010, and press CTRL+F5. 2 On Linux In a terminal, type sh , then either: - make config=release32 or - make config=release64 depending on your system. You can get more options for build by typing make help - MWii Flysky protocol - 多GPU编程,对存在多个GPU的系统里做计算。 - 该文章是利用OPENGL中的中点画线画圆,以及DDA算法进行绘图 - 本文是利用OPENGL做出了一个动态球体,其中还可以调节光等。 - 1 程序演示6种使用rabbitMQ的场景. 2 对熟悉使用rabbitMQ有帮助
watercube.rar - 在vs2010中 利用OpenGL库函数实现纹理映射 一个小的水立方模型
transparent.rar - 在vs2010下 基于OpenGL库实现纹理映射到正方形表面并处理为透明效果 显示效果为旋转的透明魔方
environment.rar - 利用OpenGL库实现环境纹理映射到正方体表面 显示效果为旋转的正方体表面映射了外界环境
earth.rar - 基于OPengl库实现了将纹理图片映射到球形物体上 显示效果旋转的地球
fmtomov1.0.tar.gz - 基于fortrande强大的地震三维层析成像软件包 - 代码演示了多边形内部区域填充算法,基于OpenGL像素填充,算法很精悍,已经封装成了一个类,可以直接调用. - 进行OpenGL配置时必须的glut.lib等文件!
OpenGL_MFC.rar - 这是基于opengl的MFC基本框架,可以在绘图程序中绘制不同的opengl程序。
ball.rar - 球和墙壁碰撞,一直和墙壁碰撞,反弹再碰撞,效果很好