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Setting-PWM-using-Arduino.rar - Arduino, setting PWM using arduino and you must have motor shield for output motor dc.
audio.rar - matlab, record and save what you record with frequency sample using human voiced.
Volnei-A.-Pedroni-Circuit-Design-and-Simulation-w - Circuit and design and simulation with VHDL, code structure, data types, operator and distrubutes.
Programming-and-Customizing-The-AVR-Microcontroll - Introduction of AVR. Describe about what is avr and application you can do with it.
RUNNING-LEDs.rar - Running led using C language program at ATMega 8535 upload with CVAVR

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vad.rar - 一种计算语音过零率,短时能量,以及端点检测算法.
detection.rar - 基于倒谱,分形,和谱熵的语音端点检测程序,三个文件夹内对应三种程序
endpiontdetect.rar - 张智星音讯处理与辨识一书中所带的语音端点检测程序
vad.rar - 语音信号的端点检测matlab程序,利用短时平均能量和短时平均过零率判断语音端点的起始。还有语音信号信噪比的计算程序。 - This code is used to remove silence from a voice signal so that the recognition in voice recognition will give good result. The method is Scale on threshold applied to the envelope for detecting scilence periods. The actual threshold is computed by multiplying threshin" by the median value of the envelope samples. The default is (.25), whichis 25 of the median envelope value over input signal .
MFCC.rar - 说话人识别中mfcc参数的处理的主程序,包括参数提取、训练及识别。
MFCC_D.rar - 说话人识别中,采用MFCC_D时的主程序,同样包括提取,训练,识别三步。