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face_lbp_ltp.rar - face recognition using LBP and LTP algorithme for feature extraction
getmapping.rar - get mapping distance
Fyzzy-logic-t-norm.rar - tringular norm of fyzzy logic -matlab-
Migniot_cyrille_2012_diffusion.rar - image ansd vedio egmentation
chen2004.rar - A new chaos-based image encryption system
djamel_logistique.rar - logistic map chaotic

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argmax_argmin.zip - Matlab code to calculate ArgMin and ArgMax
evidence-theory-conflict-factor-k.rar - 证据理论Dempster规则中冲突因子K的求取。自己编的哦!
DS_fusion.zip - DS证据,功能:融合x,y两行向量(经典Dempster-Shafer组合公式)
Dempster-Shafer.rar - 使用经典Dempster-Shafer组合公式融合x,y两行向量
fourier-descriptor.rar - description de forme en utilisant FD coeeficeients Fourier utilisé pour la classification forme. les étapes: 1. trouver les indices de frontières de l image de tranchant (binaire d entrée bordée d image voir le test par exemple) 2. trier les indices de sorte qu ils afin de distance 3. faire des complexes x + jy vecotr 4 Assurez-fft 5 prendre la première FD 6. font IFFT link (http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/26810-fourier-descriptor)
loadMNIST.rar - 在MATLAB中读取MNIST数据集,MNIST 数据集来自美国国家标准与技术研究所, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). 训练集 (training set) 由来自 250 个不同人手写的数字构成, 其中 50% 是高中学生, 50% 来自人口普查局 (the Census Bureau) 的工作人员. 测试集(test set) 也是同样比例的手写数字数据.
NIST_to_RGP.zip - NIST to RGP table generator for CFX
NIST随机数测试标准.rar - NIST标准的随机数检测工具;支持单比特频数检测、块内频数检测、扑克检测、重叠子序列检测、游程总数检测、游程分布检测等
NIST-random-number-test-standards.rar - 这套NIST(国家标准与技术研究所)测试程序是一个统计包,包括16种测试手段。这些测试手段可测试由用作保密随机或者伪随机数发生器的硬件和软件产生的任意长的2进制序列的随机性。这些测试手段主要致力于判定可能存在于序列中的多种多样的非随机性。其中一些测试又可以分解成多种子测验。这16种测
Multi.rar - Cryptanalysis of a multi-chaotic systems based image cryptosystem
hyperchaos.rar - Cryptanalysis of a new image encryption algorithm based on hyper-chaos
rhouma2010.rar - This paper introduces two different types of attacks on a recently proposed cryptosystem based on chaotic standard and logistic maps. In the two attacks, only a pair of (plaintext/ciphertext) was needed to totally break the cryptosystem.
belief.zip - 信任函数理论,也称为D-S证据理论,是经典概率理论的扩展。特别适应于决策级信息融合。
jeng_v16.zip - 数据包传送源码程序,DSmT证据推理的组合公式计算函数,Relief计算分类权重。
loadbin.zip - Funcion, that is ussually used for loading Bin-files in Matlab
gmmcuda.zip - source code for gausian mixture model
GMM.zip - It s GMM(Gaussian Mixture Model) code
EM_Code.rar - EM algorithm based on constrained mixture Gaussion model
02_DWT.zip - Extraction of ROI is implemented. this code performs rotation invariant ROI extraction. features are extracted using dwt of palmprint
vco.zip - This source code is a one file implementation of 2d correlation and convolution. Using the basic difference between correlation and convolution this code correlates or convolves a given 2d matrix with a square window matrix (another 2d matrix) in an interactive manner in runtime and displays the output on user s choice.