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Matlab Codes_IPFC_iii.zip - is about IPFC (one of facts device) placement using PESA-II algorithm and harmony search
Genetic_Algorithm_DG&Capacitor.rar - This matlab codes is about dg & capacitor placement in power system using matpower. it is very useful...
admittance_Codes.rar - this is matlab code for create admittance matrix
anfis.rar - this a matlab code about anfis...
LMPEnhancement-Social WelfareMaximization.rar - In this paper, genetic algorithm is employed as an optimization technique to determine the optimal rescheduling of generators outputs in order to alleviate transmission lines congestion and satisfy the objective function which are social welfare maximization by reducing the locational marginal price (LMP) deference between buses.
Crow.rar - this is about crow algorithm
MOPSO_30 Bus.rar - this is a very good matlab code for SFCL's placement using multi objective algorithm (MOPSO) in IEEE_30 BUS
SFCL.rar - This is a Simulink File About supercoductive Fault Limiter_SFCL
Mohammad.rar - this is a simulink file about pv power plant with transmission line and breaker
DR-Project.rar - this is a file about distance relay
Distance-relay.rar - this is a simulink file about DistANCE Relay
hamed-farzin.rar - this is a PPT file that explain how we can compensate bus voltage
reactive-power-control-project.rar - this is a PPT file that explain how we can compensate bus voltage

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Diesel_Generator.rar - PSCAD下柴油发电机模型,由柴油机拖动异步发电机运行。适用于PSCAD的建模学习
trns.rar - The model used for creating the reference voltage is shown in Fig. 4. First, photovoltaic output current (Ipv) and output voltage (Vpv) are passed through a first order low pass filter with a magnitude of G = 1 and a time constant of T = 0.01 seconds in order to filter out the high frequency components or harmonics from these signals as shown in Fig. 5 and Fig. 6. The filtered current and voltage signals (Ipv_F and Vpv_F) are then fed into the MPPT control block that uses the Incremental Conductance Tracking Algorithm. An algorithm that is based on the fact the slope of the PV array power curve shown in Fig. 7 is zero at the Maximum Power Point (MPP), positive on the left of the MPP, and negative on the right. The MPP can thus be tracked by comparing the instantaneous conductance (I/V) to the incremental conductance (∆ I/∆ V) [11] as in (1):
GOV_Turb_test.rar - 该文件上传了一种简单的汽轮机+调速器频率控制模型
光伏仿真模型和MPPT和BOOST.rar - 光伏仿真模型和boost-buck模型,适合做微网或者交直流微网的学者研究
Buck_Boost.zip - model matlab buck boost converter MPPT
mppt.rar - implementing mppt using buck-boost converter for PV systems
DFIG Simulink.zip - 搭建完整的双馈风力发电系统,模拟网侧控制和转子侧控制,观察电压跌落情况下,双馈风力系统的变化
Grid-Connected-PV-Array.zip - Two demos illustrate use of SimPowerSystems for modeling a PV array connected to a utility grid. PVarray_Grid_IncCondReg_det.mdl is a detailed model of a 100-kW array connected to a 25-kV grid via a DC-DC boost converter and a three-phase three-level Voltage Source Converter (VSC). Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) is implemented in the boost converter by means of a Simulink model using the “Incremental Conductance + Integral Regulator” technique. PVarray_Grid_PandO_avg.mdl is an average model of a 200-kW array connected to a 25-kV grid via two DC-DC boost converters and a single three-phase VSC. The MPPT controller based on the “Perturb and Observe” technique is implemented by means of a MATLAB Function block that generates embeddable C code.
pvmaster100kw.rar - mppt incremental conductance for pv array and boost converter
re_dfig.zip - dfig control system with pv
garver_prob_demand.rar - Transmission Expansion Planning with Demand Uncertainty
shortcircuit.rar - 以一个5节点电力系统为例,可以计算各种故障情况下个节点各序电压及线路上的各序短路电流
lgfault.rar - lgfault is both a directory and a function. The program lgfault is designed for the single line-to-ground fault analysis of a power system network. The program requires the positive-, negative- and zero-sequence bus impedance matrices, Zbus1 Zbus2,and Zbus0.The bus impedances matrices may be defined by the user, obtained by the inversion of Ybus or it may be determined either from the function Zbus = zbuild(zdata) or the function Zbus = zbuildpi(linedata, gendata, yload). The program prompts the user to enter the faulted bus number and the fault impedance Zf. The prefault bus voltages are defined by the reserved Vector V. The array V may be defined or it is returned from the power flow programs lfgauss, lfnewton, decouple or perturb. If V does not exist the prefault bus voltages are automatically set to 1.0 per unit. The program obtains the total fault current, bus voltages and line currents during the fault.
svcnew.zip - 电力系统仿真建模需要的模型,可以适合智能电网,分布式发电
microgrid_psc.rar - 用PSCAD搭建的包含一个风机,一个光伏的微网系统,采用PQ控制策略
FreqMeter_v41.zip - 电力系统仿真建模需要的模型,可以适合智能电网,分布式发电,PWM 控制
control3.zip - control strategy for an inverter to regulate the voltage and frequency during transients and network faults in a microgrd
droop_islanded_dc.zip - 基于孤岛模式下的PSCAD下垂控制模型,仅供参考学习
droop.zip - 下垂控制的PSCAD模型,可完美运行,供参考学习
PQ_01_a.rar - PSCAD编写的电能PQ控制指导例子,值得微网PSCAD使用者参考