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Matlab Codes_IPFC_iii.zip - is about IPFC (one of facts device) placement using PESA-II algorithm and harmony search
Genetic_Algorithm_DG&Capacitor.rar - This matlab codes is about dg & capacitor placement in power system using matpower. it is very useful...
admittance_Codes.rar - this is matlab code for create admittance matrix
anfis.rar - this a matlab code about anfis...
LMPEnhancement-Social WelfareMaximization.rar - In this paper, genetic algorithm is employed as an optimization technique to determine the optimal rescheduling of generators outputs in order to alleviate transmission lines congestion and satisfy the objective function which are social welfare maximization by reducing the locational marginal price (LMP) deference between buses.
Crow.rar - this is about crow algorithm
MOPSO_30 Bus.rar - this is a very good matlab code for SFCL's placement using multi objective algorithm (MOPSO) in IEEE_30 BUS
SFCL.rar - This is a Simulink File About supercoductive Fault Limiter_SFCL
Mohammad.rar - this is a simulink file about pv power plant with transmission line and breaker
DR-Project.rar - this is a file about distance relay
Distance-relay.rar - this is a simulink file about DistANCE Relay
hamed-farzin.rar - this is a PPT file that explain how we can compensate bus voltage
reactive-power-control-project.rar - this is a PPT file that explain how we can compensate bus voltage

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Estimation-the-interval-of-MTBF.rar - MTBF的区间估计,采用极大似然进行估计。
SanXiaSingle_machine.zip - 对三峡发电机组进行的simulink仿真,励磁等发电机控制部分采用实际的参数,此仿真为单机无穷大系统。
psbturbine.zip - 同步发电机采用水轮机 结合励磁系统和调速系统的仿真模型
Fuzzy_Buck.rar - Fuzzy for Buck converter design
buck-fuzzy.rar - DC converter with fuzzy contoller
Circuit_Mod_buckboost_with_PI.rar - 基于buck-boost电路的物理建模。采用PID算法进行控制的。
fuzzycontrol.zip - PID控制与模糊控制对比,使用simulink模糊控制工具箱,采用一般的和TS的模糊关系分别进行控制
fuzzy PID.zip - fuzzy pid control模糊pid控制MATLAB仿真程序
fuzzy_pid2.rar - simulink建模,进行模糊PID仿真
fuzzyPID.rar - 这是模糊PID仿真的simulink文件。
adaptive_fuzzy_PID.rar - adaptive fuzzy PID simulink example
FirstS5.rar - E类逆变磁共振无线充电模型,基于simulink仿真软件
ResonantConverter.rar - this is to simulate the step-up or step-down of high direct current
psbmosconv.rar - 准谐振变流器matlab/simulink仿真程序,观察模型特性
power_mosconv.rar - MOSFET in Zero-Current-Quasi-Resonant Converter 在simulink中仿真mosfet的模型程序。
faultlocation.zip - 故障定位程序,利用支持向量机和小波变换测量配电网的故障距离。
homework-about-fuzzy-pid-control.zip - 上人工智能课程时做的作业,模糊pid控制,采用matlab模糊控制工具箱与simulink建模,测试效果不错,附带模糊pid的原理ppt
fuzzyPID.rar - 模糊PID控制器matlab simulink仿真,自适应模糊PID控制的仿真文件和模糊规制编写
PIDFuzzyPID.rar - 模糊PID控制方法的simulink仿真程序 模糊PID控制方法的simulink仿真程序
_FuzzyPID.rar - 一种模糊PID的SIMULINK实现,内涵模糊规则