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DFIG_model_v3.rar - Modeling a DFIG Wind Turbine System using PLECS
Test_Fault_current.rar - pscad simulation of Test_Fault_current
Rectfier_2.rar - pscad simulation of Rectfier_2
Rectfier_1.rar - pscad simulation of Rectfier_1
Network_SCEQ_SC.rar - pscad simulation of Network_SCEQ_SC
Example7_2_Stat_6P.rar - pscad simulation of STATIC_6P
Example7_1_Stat_12P.rar - pscad simulation of STATIC_12P
Example6_2_HVDC2.rar - pscad simulation of HVDC_2
Example6_1_HVDC1.rar - Pscad simulation of HVDC_1
Interleaved_converter_PIcontroller.rar - interleaved boost converter matlab simulink
PV_Wind3.rar - Matlab simulation of PV-Wind power system
IM_M.rar - matlab simulink of induction motor
DC_Motor_Fuzzy.rar - control of DC motor using fuzzy control simulink file
Nomuraonenetwork.rar - simulink model for micro grid consists of micro-turbines, PV and battery s. pQ model for inverter also included

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system.rar - ieee 39 bus test system (New England Test System) in MATLAB/SimPowerSystem
基于遗传算法的微电网运行优化.rar - 基于遗传算法进行配电网的优化运行仿真,十分有用
STATCOM.rar - In a deregulated utility environment financial and market forces will demand a more optimal and profitable operation of the power system with respect to generation, transmission and distribution. Power electronic equipment such as flexible AC Transmission systems (FACTS) opens up new opportunities for controlling power and enhancing the usable capacity in the existing system. A Static synchronous compensator (STATCOM) based on the voltage Sourced inverter is a widely used shunt FACTS device. This paper deals with the basic simulation of STATCOM for two machine system and demonstration of transient stability enhancement using STATCOM through Matlab/Simulink/Power system Computer Aided design (PSCAD).
power_system_reactive_power_optimization.rar - 优秀论论及对应源码。电力系统配电网的无功优化规划是保证配电网安全、经济运行的一项有效手段,是降低网损、提高电压质量的重要措施。因此,电力系统配电网无功优化规划问题的研究,既具有理论意义,又具有工程实际应用价值。配电系统最优规划问题是一个复杂的非线性组合优化问题,至今未得到很好的解决。Tabu搜索(TS—Tabu search)算法是近年来出现的用于求解组合优化问题的一种高效的启发式搜索技术。本文采用固定并联电容器作为研究对象对系统进行无功补偿,并利用智能优化方法得到使配电网损耗降低最大对应的最优节点解。并在补偿容量的邻域搜索方面做了改进,采用扩大邻域搜索范围以达到全局最优的效果。用IEEE的两个算例得出的计算结果证明了这种方法的可行性。
PSO.rar - This paper propose a Firefly algorithm (FA) for optimal placement and sizing of distributed generation (DG) in radial distribution system to minimize the total real power losses and to improve the voltage profile. FA is a metaheuristic algorithm which is inspired by the flashing behavior of fireflies. The primary purpose of firefly’s flash is to act as a signal system to attract other fireflies. Metaheuristic algorithms are widely recognized as one of the most practical approaches for hard optimization problems. The most attractive feature of a metaheuristic is that its application requires no special knowledge on the optimization problem. In this paper, IEEE 33- bus distribution test system is used to show the effectiveness of the FA. Comparison with Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm (SFLA) is also given.
109201289dg-placement.rar - This paper presents a new method to solve the network reconfiguration problem in the presence of distributed generation (DG) with an objective of minimizing real power loss and improving voltage profile in distribution system. A meta heuristic Harmony Search Algorithm (HSA) is used to simultaneously reconfigure and identify the optimal locations for installation of DG units in a distribution network. Sensitivity analysis is used to identify optimal locations for installation of DG units. Different scenarios of DG placement and reconfiguration of network are considered to study the performance of the proposed method. The constraints of voltage and branch current carrying capacity are included in the uation of the objective function. The method has been tested on 33-bus and 69-bus radial distribution systems at three different load levels to demonstrate the performance and effectiveness of the proposed method. The results obtained are encouraging. (2014-11-17
Optimal-Reconfiguration-of-Distribution.rar - Power distribution systems have tie and sectionalizing switches whose states determine the configuration of the network. Reconfiguration of distribution network is achieved through switching operation on switches of distribution network branches. Power companies are interested in finding the most efficient configuration for minimization of real power losses and load balancing among distribution feeders to save the energy and enhance the operation performance of distribution system. The objective of this thesis is to show that the ant colony optimization algorithm can be used successfully in the reconfiguration of electrical distribution networks to minimize the power losses of the system and to balance the loading of the feeders. This work is to provide a basis for power companies to use it in the reconfiguration of the distribution networks to reduce the operational costs and to enhance the performance of their networks.
power_wind_ig.rar - 双馈风电机组并网模型,适合研究生学习和仿真实验 - control dfig system back to back
SVPWM_42版本_请自行Import_注意先打开坐标库.zip - SVPWM模块,出口为六路触发脉冲。适用风电/VSC等。含测试系统。 - wind energy analysis with simulink diagram for power generation DFIG generator.
pitch_control.rar - pitch control of double fed induction generator - dfig model predictive control - Grid Side of DFIG.. - 一种自动测试风速的发电机,配合电池,光伏板可以无限发电,你要信我服你
bingwang.rar - 基于风光储多分布式电源研究设计的控制系统进行了实验研究 - grid energy storage battery
storage-battery.rar - 这是matlab的simulink仿真搭建的蓄电池储能优化建模
Wind_PMSG_Rectifier.rar - Stand alone wind energy generator using active rectifier