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Upload log: - The source of the famous game Tankzors , the ability to play as artificial intelligence, and network with friends.
asteroids.rar - You will manage a spaceship and constantly dodge the flying asteroids
car.rar - Games with cars. You have to learn the race track, a simple control - Precise and detailed examples of work with OpenGl on Delphi - The article describes an example of a graphical editor - Convenient and useful components in XP style - Screensaver in the style of The Matrix.Very cool and impressive
Flash_drive_computer_locker.rar - A very good example. Blocking flash drive.
Canny_Video.rar - Demonstration of the Canny algorithm - [Delphi 5] The source of the unfinished project of automation of scheduling in institutes of higher education. - he program is designed to scan the sites positions in search engines Yandex and Google. It is possible to configure the scanning regions, displaying statistics Yandeks.Wordsat, mass scanning TCI and PR, export products to Excel, and more. - Contour detection in Delphi (Canny algorithm)
Huawey3G(E1550).rar - Working with 3G Huaway modem (E1550 model) and Firebird 1.5 . Send and recive sms
IPtest.rar - Example using the IP camera with OpenCv (need iANPR dlls)
FindContours.rar - Example for OpenCv. RAD Studio FindContours

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