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PROJECT.rar - interfacing with microcontroller using a pic
Leaf-Disease.rar - Disease Finding in Leaves
MatPrgms.rar - Graphical User interfaces

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DG-using-PGSA.rar - plant growth simulation algorithm to find minimum power loss values - Coordinated multipoint, massive MIMO, multicell, pilot contamination, spectral efficiency, user scheduling
极化SAR船舰检测程序.rar - CFAR实现sar图像船舰目标检测与识别的matlab代码
mimo-different-detection.rar - 此代码展示了在mimo系统中分别用ML MMSE ZF和MMSE-SIC检测算法的不同误码率曲线
dat2bmp.rar - 高光谱数据转换,由高光谱数据转换为灰度图片 - HOW TO SIMULATE MASSIVE MIMO TO GET AN ENERGY EFFICIENT SYSTEM - 对该题目的这篇论文进行了仿真,内容为对比MASSIVE MIMO和Small cell两种模式,比较了载波能量。 - To improve the cellular energy efficiency, without sacrificing quality-of-service (QoS) at the users, the network topology must be densified to enable higher spatial reuse. We analyze a combination of two densification approaches, namely “massive” multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) base stations and small-cell access points.
functionEnergyEfficiency.rar - this code is related to Energy efficiency in massive mimo system - massive mimo massive mimo - 用SAE 深度学习方法做的高光谱图像分析的一个例子。里面有sae方法还有高光谱图像的特征提取过程。
pso.rar - %--- 基本粒子群优化算法(Particle Swarm Optimization)--- ----- %--- 名称:基本粒子群优化算法(PSO) %------作用:求解优化问题 %------说明:全局性,并行性,高效的群体智能算法
LTE-energy-and-spectrum-efficiency.rar - Matlab source code to simulate the spectrum and energy efficiency of LTE network
AntNet.rar - AntNet is an Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) metaheuristic for data network routing proposed by Gianni Di Caro and Marco Dorigo ( ). We have implemented AntNet on network simulator, NS2. This manual describes how to modify NS2 and install our code to simulate and experiment with AntNet algorithm created by Lavina Jain. We have tested our simulations on ns-2.33.