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A Review on analysis of Non-linearities.rar - Spectrum efficiency and channel robustness are the main key features of orthogonal division multiplexing which one is used in broadband communication. OFDM belongs to multicarrier modulation which carries the data information over many subcarriers. OFDM, a modulation as well as multiplexing technique is the origin of several telecommunications standards counting digital terrestrial television
A discrete Hartley transform based OFDM model.rar - document for OFDM system
Sample-Code-Ofdm.rar - Sample-Code-Ofdm.docx document Communication. - COFDM function SIMULATOR COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING.
CoOFD_callOptiSystem.rar - OPTICAL COMMUNICATIONS MATLAB calls OptiSystem CO-OFDM.
QAM_with_CP_singlePATH.rar - matlab code for 16-QAM with CP and Rayleigh single tap.
coherent-optical-OFDM-with-constellation-expansio - High-order modulation formats and advanced error correcting codes (ECC) are two promising techniques for improving the performance of ultrahigh-speed optical transport networks. In this paper, we present record receiver sensitivity for 107 Gb/s CO-OFDM transmission via constellation expansion to 16-QAM and rate-1/2 LDPC coding
DVB-T-CHANNEL-CODING-IMPLEMENTATION.rar - The paper deals with the Matlab implementation and simulation of channel coding and modulation of DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial). Transport stream multiplex adaptation and randomization for energy dispersal, outer coding and interleaving, inner coding and interleaving, constellation and mapping blocks of encoder and decoder are implemented. Channel encoder and decoder
OFDM-Signal-Improvement-Using-Radio-over-Fiber-fo - OFDM as a modulation technology, it transmit over both wireless and optical channel, and it distribute the data over a large number of subcarrier can be overlapping. It achieved RF signal for the long haul transmission using RoF system.
Precoding-and-Reed-Solomon-Coding.rar - Designing energy efficient mobile communication system is the main challenge for the LTE researchers due to increasing of users and their demands in accessing broadband services on mobile phones. High data rate, reduced Bit Error Rate (BER) and low Peak to Average Power Ratio (PAPR) are the requirement of the current telecommunication technology in both uplink and downlink. In this paper, various modulations techniques (QPSK, BPSK and QAM) and pre-coding schemes (DPC, THP, and RS) are proposed to analyze the uplink characteristics
MATLAB-Functions.rar - MATLAB Functions pdf learning matlab
Bit-error-rate-simulation-using-16.rar - Bit error rate simulation using 16 qam technique in matlab
example.rar - 16-QAM with MATLAB Functions
Val_Joao_Lucas_Dourado_do.rar - MASTER THESIS.pdf optical fiber
MASTER-THESIS-by-qasim.rar - optical fiber = MASTER THESIS pdf file
Tutorial-OFDM-Simulation-Using-Matlab.rar - Tutorial-OFDM Simulation Using Matlab
OFDM-Simulation-Using-Matlab.rar - OFDM Simulation Using Matlab

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PARReductioninOFDMviaActiveConstellationExtension - ACE technique for reduction PAPR in OFDM system. This is project main for ACE technique. - 用于光纤激光器中解贝塞尔方程,希望大家可以试试
Ofdm-spectrum-and-PAPR-distribution-.rar - the spectrum and PAPR distribution of an OFDM transmission
ccdf_ofdm.rar - OFDM信号在N=64, 128, 256,512,1024.时的CCDF值
khamy.rar - bandwidth efficiency of shannon limit - Here, wavelets are used in Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing. Wavelets are small waves having amplitude increase starting zero and reduces back to zero. In conventional OFDM, IFFT is used at the transmitter side and FFT is used at receiver. In case of Wavelet OFDM, IFFT is replaced with IDWT and DWT is used instead of FFT. In OFDM cyclic prefix is added to reduce inter channel interference and inter carrier interference. By using wavelet transform, cyclic prefix is not needed. Hence, it has high spectral efficiency. Wavelet transform the signal one domain to time and frequency domain.
SFBC-OFDM.rar - alamouti 空频分组码---在时变信道下SFBC-OFDM
CCDF.rar - 与DFT扩展OFDMA信号的CCDF和PAPR OFDM信号的CCDF没有PAPR降低技术 一个QPSK/ OFDM系统的峰均功率比和BER分析 限幅滤波技术 - basic ofdm along with hermitian symmetry inorder to do it in optical optical communication bipolar signal cannot be transmited. inorder to make the signal real we use hermitian symmetry before the IFFT to make the outcome of IFFT real.
CCDF-Matlab-OFDM.rar - 调制信号的CCDF曲线特性,OFDM的Matlab仿真一般都要用到其CCDF分析
CCDF-OF-OFDM.rar - 基于OFDM系统的累积分布函数的MATLAB仿真程序
CCDF_OFDMA.rar - CCDF of OFDM signal with no PAPR reduction technique
BERd2.rar - 在不同的信道条件下计算第一类优先级数据平均频谱效率的MATLAB函数
cyclic code.rar - cyclic ofdm matlab code
Code_16QAM.rar - 光纤通信系统中的相干光仿真,包括数字信号处理的全部过程和光纤信道的建模,针对16QAM的调制格式,带有Nyquist信号生成
SC_4QAM.rar - 光纤通信系统里的相干系统仿真,相干通信系统中的单载波4QAM信号仿真 - ofdm qam 调制 分析实现相关功能 - QAM调制的OFDM实现过程,加CP,IFFT,加噪声,FFT,还原数据
PAPR-QAM.rar - ti so PAPR trong LTE-Advance - 调制解调bpsk、qpsk、QAM,相干与非相干解调Matlab源程序,非常好用