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A discrete Hartley transform based OFDM model.rar - document for OFDM system
Sample-Code-Ofdm.rar - Sample-Code-Ofdm.docx document Communication. - COFDM function SIMULATOR COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING.
CoOFD_callOptiSystem.rar - OPTICAL COMMUNICATIONS MATLAB calls OptiSystem CO-OFDM.
QAM_with_CP_singlePATH.rar - matlab code for 16-QAM with CP and Rayleigh single tap.
coherent-optical-OFDM-with-constellation-expansio - High-order modulation formats and advanced error correcting codes (ECC) are two promising techniques for improving the performance of ultrahigh-speed optical transport networks. In this paper, we present record receiver sensitivity for 107 Gb/s CO-OFDM transmission via constellation expansion to 16-QAM and rate-1/2 LDPC coding
DVB-T-CHANNEL-CODING-IMPLEMENTATION.rar - The paper deals with the Matlab implementation and simulation of channel coding and modulation of DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial). Transport stream multiplex adaptation and randomization for energy dispersal, outer coding and interleaving, inner coding and interleaving, constellation and mapping blocks of encoder and decoder are implemented. Channel encoder and decoder
OFDM-Signal-Improvement-Using-Radio-over-Fiber-fo - OFDM as a modulation technology, it transmit over both wireless and optical channel, and it distribute the data over a large number of subcarrier can be overlapping. It achieved RF signal for the long haul transmission using RoF system.
Precoding-and-Reed-Solomon-Coding.rar - Designing energy efficient mobile communication system is the main challenge for the LTE researchers due to increasing of users and their demands in accessing broadband services on mobile phones. High data rate, reduced Bit Error Rate (BER) and low Peak to Average Power Ratio (PAPR) are the requirement of the current telecommunication technology in both uplink and downlink. In this paper, various modulations techniques (QPSK, BPSK and QAM) and pre-coding schemes (DPC, THP, and RS) are proposed to analyze the uplink characteristics
MATLAB-Functions.rar - MATLAB Functions pdf learning matlab
Bit-error-rate-simulation-using-16.rar - Bit error rate simulation using 16 qam technique in matlab
example.rar - 16-QAM with MATLAB Functions
Val_Joao_Lucas_Dourado_do.rar - MASTER THESIS.pdf optical fiber
MASTER-THESIS-by-qasim.rar - optical fiber = MASTER THESIS pdf file
Tutorial-OFDM-Simulation-Using-Matlab.rar - Tutorial-OFDM Simulation Using Matlab
OFDM-Simulation-Using-Matlab.rar - OFDM Simulation Using Matlab

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oofdm_programf.rar - ofdm 程序, 基于MATTLAB开发环境的仿真程序代码 - optical ray simulation code in matlab for system design
ctc-matlab.rar - 传统的卷积码和Turbo码直到今天仍有广泛的应用,但是在信息传输中都有一个明显的缺点,为了克服这个缺点,IEEE802.16d/e中引入了CTC(Convolutional Turbo Code)编码方案,该MATLAB代码完成了CTC码的编码与译码等过程,很有价值的^_^
OFDMa.rar - 详细给出了ofdm的 误码率计算的matlab程序 并绘出了其误码率曲线
matlab-dpd.rar - matlab仿真dpd,预失真的算法,在读博士仿真源码,包括volterra,saleh,多项式。
Optical Quadrature psk (Coherent Detection).zip - a coherent optical receiver for demodulating optical quadrature phase-shift keying (QPSK) signals. ... Third, this scheme is applicable to multilevel modulation formats such as M-array PSK and quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM). First contribution tackles the complexity of the direct detection noncoherent receiver for differentially encoded quadrature phase shift keying. - OFDM程序 DCO-OFDM保证好用OFDM程序 DCO-OFDM保证好用OFDM程序 DCO-OFDM保证好用
EZW_Matlab.rar - EZW Matlab EZW Matlab EZW_Matlab
cal_kr_dfe.rar - 基于standford大学cioffi教授的经典算法,计算有线信道的最佳判决反馈滤波器系数。
QPSK_fre_DFE_equa.rar - 频域反馈均衡器仿真设计,采用FFT快速变换,抗通信中的多径干扰
FEC_CMMB_rar.rar - 数字广播系统中前向纠错编码器的MATLAB实现 - Reed Solomon code simulation - CODE FOR PAPR REDUCTION
cohere2010.rar - 相干函数的MATLAB实现程序,欢迎大家下载
OFDMSIMULATE.rar - OFDM仿真 参数: % 子载波数 128 % 位数/ 符号 2 % 符号数/ 载波 1000 % 训练符号数 0 % 循环前缀长度 8 (1/16)*T % 调制方式 4-QAM % 多径信道数 3 % IFFT Size 128 % 信道最大时延 2 - ofdm/oqam系统源码 4qam调制下oqam与cp——ofdm比较 - 本代码介绍了OFDM/OQAM 多径信道下,理想信道估计的系统仿真,给出了不同信噪比下的ber性能。介绍了多载波系统的均衡。
equalizationOFDM.rar - This program shows equalization of OFDM system.
MATLAB-a-Simulink-for-Digital-Communication.rar - Every thing about MIMO system and OFDM, including Matlab source, timing, frequency synchronization, equalization, estimation, PAPR, space time block code, channel capacity
rls.rar - this code for RLS equalizer in OFDM system