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EmFDTD-v1.2r1.rar - 外国人开发的电磁时域有限差分方法工具包 Electromagnetic Finite-Difference Time-Domain (EmFDTD) is a basic two-dimensional FDTD code developed at the School of Electrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology. This code has been written based on the standard Yee s FDTD algorithm. Applications include propagation, scattering, and diffraction of electromagnetic waves in homogeneous and non-homogeneous isotropic media for in-plane propagating waves. Negative permittivites or permeabilities as well as dispersion is not included. Zero, Periodic, and Perfectly Matched Layer boundary conditions may be selectively applied to the solution domain. The program is best suited for study of propagation and diffraction of electromagnetic waves in Photonic Crystal structures. EmFDTD is written in MATLAB language and has been tested under MATLAB 5.0 and higher versions.
comet.rar - 卫星返回地球的运动轨线示意图,做成动画,看着有动感。
hollow.rar - 图形的透视演示,两个圆,外面一个镂空,投射里面一个圆。
sea.rar - 假设有一组海底深度测量数据,采用插值方式绘制海底形状图。
swore.rar - 画箭头的程序 画箭头的程序
fenxingyangchiye.rar - 分形,羊齿叶c程序开发的哦!分形,羊齿叶c程序开发的哦!
raindot.rar - 下雨模拟,模拟下雨,下雨模拟,模拟下雨,下雨模拟

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