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New folder.rar - keybad code for pic platform
ARM.rar - introduction to embedded system
6-FFT (1).rar - Performs a radix 2 Fast Fourier Transform 512 point
cf_fft_256_16.rar - fast Fourier transform implementation with vhdl 256 point
79419128FFT.rar - implementation of fast Fourier transform in vhdl

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Estimating19609112312005.zip - Simple exercise that calculate the Taylor expansion of the exponential function. Input variables: degree N vector of evaluation points, x At each step plots the Taylor polynomial and compare with the real function function y=taylor_exp(N,x) printf("Order of the expansion: d ", N) size(x) y=ones(size(x)) plot(x,y,"r-",x,exp(x),"b-") legend("n=0,exp(x)") for n=1:N y+=(1/factorial(n))*(x.^n) plot(x,y,"r-",x,exp(x),"b-") xlabel("x") ylabel("f(x)") legend("approx","exp(x)") pause end endfunction
expi.zip - Vhdl实现计算exp功能 在apex20k上经过验证