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MATLAB Deep Learning (1).zip - Deep learning book using matlab - This good book for bigdata
Automated Diabetic Retinopathy - Feature selection method using mtalb code - COMPLET PROJCET TIME SERIES FORECASTING ON MATALB - source code of time series forecasting for various models such as neural network all these source code on matalb - ARMA TIME SERIES FORECASTING BY USING c#
Hiding-Sensitive-Association-Rules.rar - data mining holding sensitive association rules - prediction socket price by using neuralnetwork

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Matlab-m-SVM-code.rar - 这是我在网上找了很久的多分类支持向量机matlab代码,欢迎交流! - 统计模式识别算法包,包括线性分类算法,SVM,PCA,LDA,EM,k-means分类等多种常用的模式识别算法。
svm.rar - 支持向量机的matlab程序代码,还有支持向量机的原理说明
(SVM)[matlab].rar - 支持向量机(SVM)实现的分类算法源码[matlab]
Skin-Detection-using-HSV-color-space.rar - Skin Detection using HSV color space - Skin detection program in matlab - SVM and classifier of skin detection
Ant-colony.rar - Clustering problems appear in a wide range of unsupervised classification applications such as pattern recognition, vector quantization, data mining and knowledge discovery. The k -means algorithm is one of the most widely used clustering techniques. Unfortunately, k -means is extremely sensitive to the initial choice of centers and a poor choice of centers may lead to a local optimum that is quite inferior to the global optimum. This paper presents an efficient hybrid evolutionary optimization algorithm based on combining Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) and Simulated Annealing (SA), called ACO-SA, for cluster analysis. The performance is evaluated through several benchmark data sets. The simulation results show that the proposed algorit hm outperforms the previous approaches such as SA, ACO and k -means for partitional clustering problem.
Anomaly-Detection-and-Recommender-Systems.rar - Anomaly Detection and Recommender Systems using matlab
OneClassSVM.rar - 人工智能 教学及科研 基于单类支持向量机的异常检测
HW4.rar - MLP neural network classifier
pzernike.rar - 伪Zernike矩特征提取,Zernike矩特征提取,供参考,很有用
hsvfeature1.rar - 这是图像处理中的颜色特征提取(低阶矩特征)MATLAB源代码。
93317479KNN.rar - matlab 最近邻算法及文献,随时欢迎下载
knn.rar - knn k近邻算法,可选择欧式距离或者曼哈顿距离
code-PCA-SVM.rar - 这是一个包含PCA降维的matlab程序加上用svm分类的一个程序。
SVM_KNN(matlab).rar - support vector manchine and kNN分类的源代码.支持向量机是数据处理的比较良好的方法.最紧邻分类也是比较经典的
KNN.rar - K近邻算法(KNN)的matlab源代码,程序清晰易读 - matlab源文件,对网络数据进行入侵检测,利用libsvm工具箱,对特征进行分类。内容包括:数据的归一化,参数择优(交叉验证),建立svm模型,性能评价。压缩包内有详细的说明文档。
ids.rar - Intrusion Detection and Attack Classification Using Feed-Forward Neural Network