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cycloconverter.zip - it is single phase cycloconverter used in many ways to control the frequency or rather would say reduce the frequency to control the speed of motor but here iam using only resistive load because my teacher only give me this project. To use simulink please change the solver type to ode23tb
AGCN.rar - 两区域互联的自动负荷频率调节控制模型的AGC模型,在自动负荷频率控制模型中,区域调度模块主要模拟各区域的AGC如何计算和分配区域控制偏差(ACE)的策略。
New folder.zip - 含风力发电机的电网系统,实时调度,频率控制,可变负荷
problem.zip - In order to effectively manage the problem of load frequency control (LFC), preserve stability of frequency, tie-line power and area control error (ACE) for inter-connection hydro power system, the optimal problem between system parameters and controller parameters was constructed in this paper according to the relation between the maximum peak resonance and the maximum peak overshoot. The mathematic expression between the two kinds of parameter was obtained by deduced the optimal problem. Aimed at the non-minimum phase character of hydro generator
ARV_PID.zip - This book provides a thorough understanding of the basic principles of power system frequency behaviour in wide range of operating conditions. It uses simple frequency response models, control structures and mathematical algorithms to adapt modern robust control theorems with frequency control issue and conceptual explanations. Most developed control strategies are examined by real-time simulations. Practical methods for computer analysis and design are emphasized. This book emphasizes the physical and engineering aspects of the power system frequency control design problem, providing a conceptual understanding of frequency regulation, and application of robust control techniques. The main aim is to develop an appropriate intuition relative to the robust load frequency regulation problem in real-world power systems, rather than to describe sophisticated mathematical analytical methods.
55.rar - In this paper, the transfer function model of heavy duty gas turbine has been developed for doing load frequency control studies.
FLLFCC.zip - Load Frequency control model based on matlab simulink platform
simulinl-models.rar - Load frequency control of two are power systems
TwoAreaLFC.rar - Two Area power interconnected power system load frequency control using PID controllers
AGCfuzzyPID.zip - 含再热和非再热机组,含模糊自适应PID控制器
Ahybr.zip - A hybrid Firefly Algorithm (FA) and Pattern Search (PS) optimized fuzzy PID controller is proposed for Load Frequency Control (LFC) of multi area power systems. Initially a two area thermal system with Governor Dead Band (GDB) nonlinearity is considered and the gains of the fuzzy PID controller are optimized employing a hybrid FA and PS (hFA–PS) optimization technique. The supremacy of proposed hFA–PS over FA is also demonstrated. The advantage of the proposed fuzzy PID controller has been shown by comparing the results with some recently published techniques, such as Differential Evolution (DE) and Craziness based Particle Swarm Optimization (CPSO). Further, sensitivity analysis is performed by varying the system parameters and operat
modeling-LFC-whith-simulink-hossein-hjisadeghian- - modeling of load-frequency control in simulink matlab in power system analyzes
Fuzzy-tuned-PI-Controller-for-Load-Frequency-Cont - Decentralized Robust Load-frequency Control Synthesis in Restructured Power Systems
LFC.zip - This study presents an application of a fuzzy gain scheduled proportional and integral (FGPI) controller for load-frequency control of a two-area electrical interconnected power system. Model simulations of the power system show that the proposed FGPI controller is effective and suitable for damping out oscillations resulted load perturbations.
LinearDynamicalSystemsAllMaterials.zip - load frequency control various techniques in Matlab very useful
LFC.rar - Load Frequency Control
LFC_3_area.zip - Matlab program to solve load frequency control for 3 area system
3area.rar - this file simulation load frequency control in matlab
lfcwithagc.zip - load frequency control with agc
Fuzzy.rar - Fuzzy Load Frequency Control for three area poewr system with steam and Gas Turbine,