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power flow management.rar - power flow management of a grid-connected hybrid electrical phenomenon
Wind-Battery-coupled-bidirectional-DC.rar - In this simulation,the modelling of solar and wind system is accomplished. the photovoltaic powe rating is 70W. The output of solar is 70V and 1A. The simulation consist of a luo converter which is a proposed system
DC-Luo-converter-for-household-applications-.rar - The performance of the proposed control strategy for power flow management under various modes of operation. The effectiveness of the topology and the efficacy of the proposed control strategy are validated proposed system aims to satisfy the load demand, manage the power flow from different sources, inject the surplus power into the grid, and charge the battery
model Bidirectional Buck-Boost.rar - buckboost converter for application in hybrid and electric vehicle
Gonzalez.rar - A commonly used method to achieve contrast enhancement is histogram equalization(HE), which enhances the global contrast of the image
histogramvhdl.rar - sobel kernel will compute the sobel gradient of the tile
snr enhancee.rar - ferromagnetic signal to noise enhancment
Reactive ompensation.rar - discusses a simulation to model power consumption in a multitude of different loads, which gives industrial consumers a solution to increase the power factor of their systems to a more desirable level
Numerical result in excel.rar - numerical result in excel for mooring system
MATLAB codes.rar - design and analysis of mooring system matlab code
Hydrodynamic analysis capture.rar - folder = 'C:\Users\erinb\Documents\NTNU\Teaching\EWEM_H14\ProjectDescription\xxSRA_models\OC4semi\Decay6'; % folder % where the analysis was carried out bodyNum = 1; % body number motion = 6; %1 for surge, 3 for heave, 5 for pitch, 6 for yaw FFT_tmax = 1000; % maximum time for the FFT plot %(reduce if motions have already died out) endRamp = 360; % start time for decay test matfileName = 'm001.m'; wnForDampCoeff = 2*pi/80.4; % natural frequency in rad/s for damping coefficient % calculation. The damping coefficient calculation will not run for % wnForDampCoeff=0. This should be updated.
Mooring system CAD figures.rar - Design and Analysis of Mooring System for Semi-submersible Floating Wind Turbines in Shallow Water
Chapter5_Data.zip - wiscosindata hockey data basketball data
addsub_cin.zip - Projects for Integer Dividers:
GLOAT (3).zip - Matlab package is at your sole risk. To the full extent permissible by applicable law, School of Computing, University of Eastern Finland disclaims all warranties, express or implied,
local_variability.zip - This package contains a MATLAB script of local spectral variability features cited above. The code has been completely written at School of Computing, University of Eastern Finland and should be self-contained. Disclaimer of warranties and limitation of liability this Matlab package and this site is provided by School of Computing, University of Eastern
phi-max-skeleton3d-matlab-v1.1-0-gc534cab.zip - This code calculates the 3D medial axis skeleton of an arbitrary 3d binary volume
motoDC_ExSep.zip - his file presents a circuit simulation of a Separately Excited DC motor speed
motoDC_Shunt.zip - This file presents the circuit of a DC Shunt Motor's speed
mux.zip - In electronics, a multiplexer or mux is a device that performs multiplexing; it selects one of many analog or digital input signals and forwards the selected input into a single line. A multiplexer of 2n inputs has n select lines, which are used to select which input line to send to the output. We will see VHDL code for a 2X1 multiplexer here
counter (2).zip - This tutorial introduce VHDL code for clock pulse and 4-bit counter. With four bits, the counter count from 0 to 15. The timing of the counter is controlled by a clock signal. There will be a clear signal which can reset the counter value.
HA_Dataflow_view.zip - A half-adder adds two 1-bit inputs and produces a sum bit and a carry bit as outputs.
qpskber.zip - Código para simulación BER para modulación QPSK
chu.zip - This is a program for creating sub images and binning
cYield.zip - This app enables to calculate both linear and curved yield loci lines as the best fitting of the σ-τ experimental yield loci points. It also provides a wide range of statistical results related to the quality of the outcomes obtained.
sag_final.zip - sag model dvr and statcom
IR000124.zip - Run with PCA algorithm
ndblocktry.zip - Performs a one step 4th order Runge-Kutta integration | Watch this File
rdiff.zip - Calculates the ratios of consecutive elements in an array
im_lowpoly.zip - his function aims to convert an image to low-poly style
CheckIsSingleNumber.zip - When you want to check if a variable is a single number instead of being a numeric matrix
CheckMatrixSize.zip - Checks if the input matrix has the desired dimensions
invert_ij.zip - LU Factorization to take the inverse
rsa_code.zip - his code asks for Two prime numbers and then computes Public and Private key. Then the message is encrypted using Public key and decrypted using Private key. An example is shown in figure.
PAM_MOD_DEMOD.zip - his model is a 8-ary modulator/demodulator based on Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM). You can change the Eb/N0 parameter in the AWGN channel
PAM.zip - PAM modulation in time and frequency domain. For a detailed explanation have a
rotm.zip - For a given axis vector and an angle of rotation about the axis we get a rotation matrix
test.zip - test description leachsepwireless sensor network
UnmixingCode.zip - Demo of hyperspectral unmixing in the presence of mixed
VideoRecorder.zip - ideo Recorder is an object dedicated to the recording of dynamic MATLAB figures in video files (formats: AVI, JPEG 2000 and MPEG-4). The object results the combination of timer and VideoWriter MATLAB objects and allows two recording modes:
json_encode_decode.zip - json_decode parses a JSON string and returns a MATLAB object. JSON objects are converted to structures and JSON arrays are converted to cell arrays. NULL values are converted to empty logical. json_encode encodes a MATLAB object into a JSON string. Structures are converted to JSON objects and arrays are converted t
tic-tac-toe.zip - Tic Tac Toe game with AI
LoadDicomSeries.zip - Loads Siemens Time Series or single image stack (not only Siemens) automatically into 4D matrix. Old version LoadDicomSeries.m : Loads DICOM time series or single stacks single *.dcm files with directory dialog, progressbar etc... into global 4D matrix
Time_unwrap.zip - his function corrects the effect of time modulo or return to zero by adding the appropriate offsets, calculated by extrapolation the previous continuous segments. Time discontinuities are detected through the sign of time gradient.
ipf-(1).zip - Keyboard operated peak fitting function for time-series signals.
omeda.zip - Non-iterative optimal solution for Minimum Entropy Deconvolution (MED) and convolution fix
med2d.zip - Generates a 1D FIR filter to minimize the entropy of the filtered signal(s)
fft_animation.zip - Time-progress animation of Fourier transform for varying input sign
tCIs.zip - Computes a set of t-distribution based confidence intervals for the estimated means of the columns of a matrix.
Assignment-3-ADSP.zip - it has question of digital signal processing for post graduates
GCD.zip - Computes the Greatest Common Divisor of the values in array N using the Euclidean algorithm
i3104-ArrayClass-d6ec9bf.zip - This class provides an example of how to use a MATLAB class to handle an array data.
IndexOfRrefractionOfSeawater.zip - Calculates the index of refraction of seawater as a function of Temperature, Salinity and Wavelength according to the empirical equation by:
CoBlade.zip - clear all variables and close files/figures
scan-alpha-using-nilt-fitting.zip - Fitting real world data using the fractional order LTI model K/(tau*s^alpha+1)*exp(-Ls). The parameters for fitting are [K,tau,alpha,L]. The code is to automatically sweep the orders with a user specified step size. Error is uated by IAE(integral absolute error), ITAE, or ISE. User can the method for computing the fractional order model response the following options: NILT, FOTF, Noninteger, etc.
hex_creat.zip - OLED Display of 0.96inch compatible with Arduino, can display 128x64 image
boost_comverter_dc_to_dc.zip - boost converter with load resistance R and a switch with on to off state time ratio of 2
cgraumann-umeyama-matlab-21056be.zip - Point cloud registration using Least-Squares estimation
K_cRows.zip - Concatene cell columns regardless of the different sizes
threshold222.zip - This program takes a color or monochrome image and lets the user interactively/manually threshold the monochrome image, or a single color band of a color image, via sliders to set the maximum and minimum thresholds. The thresholded image is a binary image that can be used as a mask image for other images. The pixels in the thresholded range are shown in the middle image as a binary image (black/white), and the original image pixels are shown masked in the left image (gray scale or color). Inputs are the low and high thresholds to start with and the image file name or image matrix. The program returns the threshold values and the last color band that was used to the threshold. The image can be of type integer (uint8, uint16, etc.) or floating point (single, double)
Sankhya.zip - SANKHYA is an any base to any base convertor .
textureTransform.zip - Compute the SVD, Eigen, QR and LU texture transforms of an image.
num2words.zip - Convert a numeric scalar to a string giving the English name of the number value (GB/US).
chaincode.zip - It computes the chaincode for a single object on one bw image. (image processing)
round60063.zip - Round Numeric array element values to IEC 60063 (E-Series) component values.
Closed_Boost_Converter_Equation_Model.zip - Very fast buck converter model
kmeans_mt.zip - Efficient Kmeans using Multiple Threads
circle_hough.zip - A Hough transform function for detecting circles, optimised to allow search over radii.
comm-ZeoN-bka-a302d46.zip - Simple merge of two Simulink models, hilighting differences.
gaussfilt.zip - Gaussian smoothing filter
gmm_mt.zip - fficient GMM clustering using Multiple Threads
ImageEnhancement.zip - Image Enhancement uisng matlab
zolet.rar - A Fast Clustering-Based Feature Subset

Download log:
foc.rar - vector control indu motor use to improve th transient response of motor
FOC.rar - Field oriented control of induction motor
foc.rar - FOC simulation in Matlab
Simulation_FOC.rar - simulation direct foc in Matlab
FOC.zip - 基于simulink的FOC模型,内含电流转速双闭环
dianjishiliangkongzhi.rar - 基于MATLAB异步电机矢量控制,拿出来与大家分享
FOC.rar - 这是一个运用矢量控制方法实现异步电机调速的matlab模型,可以输出理想波形,绝对正确。
inverter.rar - 异步电机矢量控制仿真 波形很好 真的
yibudianjishiliangkongzhi.rar - 异步电机矢量控制,有说明可以,照着做就可以了。有助于学习矢量控制。
imwrite2tif.zip - It change the normal image into thermal image
sanxiangjilian_CD.rar - 三相级联多电平逆变器仿真实现,使用移相载波调制方法
five_level_3_phase_inverter.zip - multilevel inverter 5 level 3 phase
pmlsm的直接转矩控制.zip - 文件里有simulink仿真文件和.m文件。运行之前先运行,.m文件。压缩包里有详细的讲解文件
PMLSM_model1.zip - PMLSM仿真模型,不带控制,基于d-q坐标下的
matlabvc2.zip - 自己做的异步电机矢量控制模型,通过运行,验证有效,word文档中有详细的建模方法。
Infrared-image-recognition.zip - 红外图像识别技术,检测飞机红外图像的机型是否一致
chainetotale0.rar - sliding mode turbin motor AD/AC onduleur redresseur
SPMSMSMC.rar - SMCPMSM Sliding Mode Control Using Disturbance Torque Observer for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
异步电机的滑膜观测器算法仿真模型.rar - 实现异步电机无速度传感器控制,应用滑模观测器
PMSM_SMC.rar - 永磁同步电机滑模控制,适合刚接触永磁同步电机控制仿真的同学进行学习