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Optical-Modulation-Format-and-Direct-Detection.ra - This scheme is also called DPSK since MZ modulator provides the “digital” phase modulation if it is biased at null instead of quadrature. No coherent detection is needed if data is differentially pre-coded.
Pulse-Code-Modulation.rar - Pulse code Modulation: The pulse code modulator technique samples the input signal x(t) at a sampling frequency. This sampled variable amplitude pulse is then digitalized by the analog to digital converter. Figure.(1) shows the PCM generator.
Modulation.rar - Conventional AM places message on a carrier whose frequency is much greater than the message’s.
Frequency-Modulation.rar - Frequency modulation (FM) is an analog modulation technique for which the message signal is conveyed through variations in the frequency of the carrier. FM is used for radio broadcasting, public-safety radio (police and fire), marine radio, amateur (ham) radio, and general mobile radio service (walkie-talkie). FM is also used in radar.
Ch1_Modulation.rar - This chapter contains some slides from chapter 5 of “Data Communications and networking”, 3rd ed. by B. Forouzan. The borrowed slides contain the copyright notice of McGraw-Hill at the bottom of the slide. Most of these slides are either modified or supplemented by additional information.

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