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Caractere.rar - this book porpus for you how to can develop your caracter in your daily life
s-initier-a-la-programmation.rar - this book porpus for you learn programmation by expriment the fondamontal concept by the help of pseudo-code
english cours.rar - english cours for learning
1. Introduction (Programming in Access 2013).rar - a video for learnin access
word-2010-advanced-part-i_2.rar - Word 2010 is a powerful word processing application that allows users to produce typed documents. These can range simple letters through to fax cover sheets, reference manuals and sophisticated reports incorporating numbered headings, figures and graphics.
microeconomics-uk.rar - Economics is often defined as something along the lines of “the study of how society manages its scarce resources.” The starting point of most such studies is that individuals allocate their resources such that they themselves will get the highest possible level of utility. An individual has an idea of what the consequences of different actions will be, and she chooses that action she believes will produce the best result for her
access-2010-part-i.rar - Access 2010 is a powerful Database application that allows users to produce tables, forms, queries and reports within a datbase it can also contain calculations, graphs, pictures and files.. access to web data and sharepoint information is available to be built in to the an extemely powerful application.
macroeconimics-uk.rar - Prices are of great importance in macroeconomics as indeed they are in microeconomics. However, in microeconomics we are more interested in prices of individual goods and services and such prices are rarely important for the economy as a whole although there are exceptions (for example, the price of oil). In macroeconomics we are more interested in how prices change on average. We define the price level as a weighted average of several different prices
an-introduction-to-matlab.rar - In many professions, you need programming skills. This book introduces you to a program called Matlab, which is one of the most popular choices for quantitative analysis in fields such as engineering, statistics, economics/finance, and artificial intelligence, to name a few. It will give you the tools to get started whether you are a student, a researcher, or a practitioner
Simulation_multiphysiques_des_systemes_4_ssi.rar - Research simulate experiments: too expensive too dangerous too long Impossibles

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1svpwm3level.rar - inverter pmsm very usefull try it, please :)
new_svpwm5.rar - 应用svpwm调制技术的矢量控制系统,采用了simulink进行控制系统仿真
svpwm_thre2.rar - simulink matlab svpwm - svpwm的算法实现,对于初学者帮助很大 - 三电平的SVPWM,可用于闭环,输出波形不错 - SVPWM Implementation - Vector control _ SVPWM - SVPWM based three level inverter
power_svpwm.rar - 同步电机svpwm 适合初学者,直接可用
allsv_pwmnikhil.rar - SVPWM technique converter..all types - Voltage source inverter - SVPWM control
SVPWM_sfun.rar - 用S函数实现的SVPWM调制算法,包括S函数原始文件和将S函数添加进去后的Matlab库文件,在仿真模型中可以直接调用。
Threelevel_svpwm.rar - 用MATLAB做SVPWM仿真分析,三电平SVPWM仿真模型
svpwm的matlab仿真.rar - svpwm的matlab仿真主要利用matlab进行svpwm生成的PARK变换、Park逆变换、波形输出等 - space vector modulation based inverter - space vector pulse wide modulation for rectifier - 用matlab做的三电平SVPWM逆变器的仿真,能够实现svpwm的基本功能,但是还不完善。
ESP_THREE_LEVEL_SVPWM.rar - 基于SVPWM的三电平逆变的matlab 仿真模型,已经经过验证,确实好用
switch_time.rar - 电压空间矢量脉宽调制SVPWM算法仿真. 电压空间矢量脉宽调制SVPWM算法仿真
SVPWM_Model.rar - 空间矢量调制simulink模块(SVPWM)