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KeyguardViewCallback.rar - The callback used by the keyguard view to tell the Keyguard View Mediator various things Source Code for Linux.
BluetoothCmeError.rar - Constants for extended AT error codes specified by the Handsfree profile.
HttpUriRequest.rar - Extended version of the HttpRequest interface that provides convenience methods to access request properties such as request URI and method type.
T_lsub_4.rar - Absolute Size Span Source Code for Linux.
DeviceTestSuite.rar - Helper JUnit test suite that stores reference to an Android device and test data.
T_dload_1_3.rar - Dialog with introductory text blurbs and pictures explaining NFC.
LongToByteBufferAdapter.rar - This class wraps a byte buffer to be a long buffer.
ListTouchManyTest.rar - Touch tests for a list where all of the items do not fit on the screen.
LinkMovementMethod.rar - Scrolling Movement Method Source Code for Linux.
SSLCertificateSocketFactory.rar - SSLSocketFactory implementation with several extra features.
ToastTest.rar - Toast Test Source Code for Linux.

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