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multicore debuge.rar - The D.Module2.C6657 is perfectly suitable for radar applications, nondestructive material inspection, machine vision and software defined radio (SDR). An optional FPGA for data preprocessing is easily interfaced through Serial Rapid IO (SRIO), PCI express (PCIe) or via the fast Universal Parallel Port (uPP). Gigabit Ethernet enables network integration for control, remote maintenance and data streaming.
tan2007.rar - In this paper, we are concerned with developing a common implementation architecture for both turbo codes and LDPC codes. We view the constituent convolutional code in a turbo code as a block code, and construct a sparse parity check matrix for it
gautham2010.rar - In this paper, we employ iteratively decodable codes in a turbolike receiver of a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) communication system. With such a receiver, we compare the decoding complexity and performance of a turbo code with a lowdensity-parity-check (LDPC) code.
10.1109@ICSESS.2013.6615299.rar - Current modern wireless communication is based on orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) and the reliability of it significantly increased with the multiple inputs multiple outputs (MIMO), and there is a scope to enhance the performance of the systemfurther
ANTENNA_Alignment.rar - Turbo codes were first proposed by Berrou (and others) in 1993. Since its introduction, turbo code has become the coding technique of choice in many communication and storage systems due to its near Shannon limit error correction capability. These applications include 3GPP, consultative committee for space application (CCSDS) telemetry channel coding, worldwide interoperability for microwave access (WiMAX), and 3GPP LTE, which require throughputs in the range from two t
07475335LTE_Link_Level_1.7_r1089_ha.rar - image processing compression for your busy land image
61901598MIMO-OFDM-Simulator.rar - and your for math communication from that point of view
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report_IQ.rar - we are in at school for your enjoy from mathans physuics
gfhth.rar - we are going to china product library
IQ_thesis.rar - dfdsafg asrfatfg adtg aetg aet sadtewteetweeqtewt etewqt a wet wt q - decrease of image noise with median filter

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MIMO-channel-estimation-algorithm.rar - MIMO信道估计算法 含有大量各种估计方法
MIMO-channel.rar - 对mimo的信道模型进行仿真,在OFDM技术下,MIMO信道的特性进行仿真
MIMO-OFDM.rar - MIMO-OFDM系统中的各部分算法MATLAB仿真程序 很实用
test_cc5_5.rar - 定时器控制触发edma3搬移数据,并可以控制处理时间。
edma3test.rar - EDMA3传输例程,简单易懂,适合初学者!!!!!! - C6678EDMA3搬数的例子,对你理解EDMA搬数很有帮助
6455_EDMA.rar - 6455 edma3 design (not CSL)
WiMAXSimulator.rar - The package contains a complete WiMAX simulator based on the sandard.All the features are implemented on it. Also paramters for MIMO can be changed by the parameter files - 用于MIMO检测的sphere decoder程序
16QAM_soft_demapping.rar - This document is about 16 QAM demapping of received data. But its a soft demapping method based Log likelihood ratio(llr). So results can be used as inputs for viterbi decoder or turbo decoder. It is very usefull to decrease BER for communication systems. In addition, QPSK, 64QAM etc. demappers can be derived based on this document.
softbit-BPSK-QPSK-PSK8-QAM16-QAM64.rar - This matlab code describes soft demapper (soft bit) for different modulation types: BPSK, QPSK, PSK 8, QAM 16, QAM 64, which are considered for turbo encoding/decoding. And simulation results are also presented.
6657例程.zip - 6657评估版的例程和gel文件,板子为ti的ls版评估板子 - 航空板上TMS320C6701 DSP配置EMIF,读写SDRAM FLASH 和FPGA等外围电路的源码
DEC6713.rar - DSP tms320c6713 的EMIF 配置gel文件例子,按此配置DSP能访问外部SDRAM和FLASH,已经过验证。
DSP-SDRAM.rar - 详细介绍了如何在DSP中如何正确配置EMIF模块来设置SDRAM
TMS320C6000EMIFtoExternalFlashMemoryspra568a.rar - TMS320C6000 EMIF to External Flash Memory-spra568a
LDPC_codec.rar - LDPC coder and decoder for DVB-S2 system modeling in MATLAB. - LDPC code已经用于DVB-S2标准。这个MATLAB程序可以用来研究LDPC码的性能。
8838.SPI_Bootloader.rar - c66x spi norflash bootloader - 德州仪器公司C6000系列DSP的引导方式和bootloader说明文档,帮助大家认识DSP的上电模式