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115.rar - Firing Approach for Higher Levels of Diode Clamped Multi-Level Inverters
21__ISSN_1392-1215_Control-of-Asymmetrical-Multil - Control of Asymmetrical Multilevel Inverter Using Artificial Neural Network
22.rar - A New Five-Level Diode Clamp Multilevel Inverter Topology
21__446_451.rar - Simulation and Analysis of Existing MPPT Control Methods in a PV Generation System
52.rar - Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation Applied to the Three-Level Voltage Inverter

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Multivariable-Frequency-Domain-Toolbox.rar - Multivariable Frequency Domain Toolbox
pv11.rar - A complete Matlab Simulink model of a stand-alone PV system including PV arrays, battery, load and ON/OFF switch control and charge controller
Taguchi.rar - 田口實驗分析程式,將做完田口實驗的實驗數據寫入並可做田口實驗最佳組合的分析,此程式能選擇望大或望小
tiankou.rar - 田口算法运用于公差优化里面,方便大家学习与应用。
Taguchi-genetic_algorithm.rar - Hybrid Taguchi-genetic algorithm for global numerical optimization - solar power inverter for home application - P&O algorithm for PV system with buck boost coverter
Ev.rar - 电动汽车充电负荷预测,分私家车、出租车、公交车
GA_DG.rar - Optimal placement of DG and its optimal allocation
EP.rar - optimal dg placement ep
dg-placement.rar - It is code for( 33 bus IEEE data) DG placement code for minimizing a function using particle swarm optimization technique.
Desktop.rar - this file is the profile voltage of 33 bus IEEE after and before reconfiguration
NR-n-DG.rar - It is code for( 33 and 69 bus IEEE data) Newton-Rapshan method and D.G. placement code also. One code is for minimizing a function using particle swarm optimization technique. - IEEE 33-bus with pq loads in psat format using simulink
PSO.rar - This paper propose a Firefly algorithm (FA) for optimal placement and sizing of distributed generation (DG) in radial distribution system to minimize the total real power losses and to improve the voltage profile. FA is a metaheuristic algorithm which is inspired by the flashing behavior of fireflies. The primary purpose of firefly’s flash is to act as a signal system to attract other fireflies. Metaheuristic algorithms are widely recognized as one of the most practical approaches for hard optimization problems. The most attractive feature of a metaheuristic is that its application requires no special knowledge on the optimization problem. In this paper, IEEE 33- bus distribution test system is used to show the effectiveness of the FA. Comparison with Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm (SFLA) is also given.
DG-optimal-PSO-algorithm.rar - 该算法可以计算含DG的配电网优化计算,算例采用IEEE 33 bus test system。
test33.rar - power flow uising newton rafson method on ieee 33 bus system. with monitoring min buses on the system and power losses. - 考虑分布式电源的配电网电压控制新方法。针对含分布式电源的配电网电压越限问题,提出了一种基于灵敏度分析进行综合调节分布式电源出力和投切电容器组的电压控制新方法。当配电网出现节点电压越限,通过计算各个节点的注入无功功率对电压的灵敏度,以系统节点电压偏移最小为目标函数,采用和声算法,综合确定调节分布式电源出力大小和投切电容器组大小,并对分布式电源是否参与电压控制的控制效果和是否按电压灵敏度调节电压的控制效果进行了比较。
Multiplexed_48_pulse_Rectifier.rar - 48脉波整流器,输出直流电压波形很好。采用移向变压器,运行无问题。
Fundamentals-of-Power-System-Economics.rar - Fundamentals of Power System Economics, Strbac Kirschen