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Virtual-Listview.rar - this application allow you to visualize all your hard disk drive and your device in differents views: list, detail, icons
webbrows.rar - this application is web browser that you can navigate like google chrome or mozilla firefox
ImagView.rar - with this application you can choose your device or drive to open it and choose the file image in different format . with one button you can show this image in another form
ConvertIt.rar - this application is a good conversion , you can with this application convert Area ,distance, Euro ,Time,Mass,Temperature and Volume
Actions.rar - this application is a good editor, you can with this editor open a file in txt format and do a lot of actions with menu items for example in the edit: you can copy and past text .in dialogue: you can choose font and color . in shortcuts: you can create actions who with a shortcut

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