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VD2_VANYAN_ANNA_10062014.rar - Assignments solutions and questions
2686_Solution_090406.rar - Wireless communication matlab questions and answer
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1802.03086 (1).rar - thesis paper for SVC
Screen_shots.rar - ouput screenshots of the SVC
FINAL_IEEE9_WITH_SVC.rar - matlab SVC simulation
GAN_Rayleigh.rar - GAN protocol raylieh channel
Digital-communication-project-master (1).zip - malab communication project - Hybrid image fusion for high resilution - matlab optimization code for optimizing - Hybrid image fuson using SCTS
P_Proteus 7.10.rar - Proteus software backup source file - Intellegent traffic signal control - Cryptography algorithms matlab code - Traffic light simulation fuzzy - MIMO beam forming matlab code - Python code for rice quality classification - HYPERSPECTRAL IMAGE CLASSIFICATION - MASSIVE MIMO TEXT BOOK - bacteria segentation code matlab - Red leison detection for retina - DC cable FEM analsysi - Unified Power Flow Controller - OTFS modulation simulation inmatlab - MATLAB Codes related to Gaussian Q function and SEP expressions over Nakagami-m fading
A-Simple-Chatbot--master.rar - File encryption system
econimoc dispatch (1).zip - SCMA FILES FOR POLAR CODES
Speaker voice - Audio fuiles for voice recognition
PV MPC - MPC CONTROLLETER MPC MATLAB - MPC CONTROLLER FOR MPI - MATLAB CODE FOR LEACH PROTOCOL - HSI IMAGE CLASSIFICATION - web searech engine using page ranking - web search engine project using page - matlab code for sleep disorder - code for weather data analysis in python - data analysis code in python
CollegeManagementapp.rar - college management app android code - finger print attendence master - attendance tracker android code - Web news extraction python code - finger print authentication
abcnews-date-text11.rar - Tweet data set for spam
2018 Titles.rar - ieee proejcts titles
C# Speech Recognition.rar - Speech recognition code
FactorAnalysisHowTo.rar - spsss statistical analysis
IJCE-v3n1p1-en.rar - Journal for face java project - mems accelrerometer matlab
monday5.rar - Retinopathy detection
partial code.rar - mATLAB PROGRAM FOR IMAGE FUSION - chemical reactions for cstr - face recgnition software - sparse face recognition
WEBPAGE-RECOMMENDATIO.rar - Creating Search history Any personal documents such as browsing history and emails on a user’s computer could be the data source for user profiles. This focus on frequent terms limits the dimensionality of the document set, which further provides a clear description of users’ interest. This module allows the search engine to better understand a user’s session and potentially tailor that user’s search experience according to the needs. Once query groups, which have been identified, that the search engines can have a very good representation of the search context behind the current query using queries and clicks in the corresponding query group.
civil-project-list.rar - When outsourcing video contents into the cloud, it is not easy to achieve fine-grained access control especially in timedomain, as the owners of video contents are not able to control their data as on their own servers. The untrustworthy cloud servers further make this issue more challenging, because: 1) cloud servers may not be fully trusted by the owners to control the access of their video contents and 2) cloud servers may also be curious about the stored video contents. Thus, existing server-based access control methods (e.g., Access Control Lists) are not applicable for cloud-based video content sharing. A possible approach is to encrypt video contents and only authorized users are given decryption keys. In the above mentioned example in Fig. 1, all the video frames in t1 are encrypted by one key, while all the video frames in t2 are encrypted by another key.
Time-domain-attribute.rar - Abstract—With the ever-increasing demands on multimedia applications, cloud computing, due to its economical but powerful resources, is becoming a natural platform to process, store and share multimedia contents. However, the employment of cloud computing also brings new security and privacy issues as few public cloud servers can be fully trusted by users. In this paper, we focus on how to securely share video contents to
ECE-LIST-2015-2016-AUG12015.rar - occurrence of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) is usually related to nocturnal, unmonitored seizures [1]. The vast majority of seizures are associated with a heart rate increase [2], which can, in turn, be used for seizure detection [3]. In a clinical setting, heart rate ismainly obtained through automatic analysis of an electrocardiography (ECG) signal measured with at least two electrodes attached to the skin. This is uncomfortable and can lead to skin irritation. Electrocardiography signals also tend to become noisy when patients move, which is often the case during seizures. The fitness industry faces a similar problem heart rate needs
DIPLOMA-APPLICATION-PROJECT-LIST1.rar - revolution in this industry is the use of green light reflection photoplethysmography (PPG) which can be measured with a watch worn on the wrist. With PPG, heart rate is detected through measurement of changes in blood volume using either transmission or reflection of specific wavelengths of light [4]. In this study, we investigated the usability of a readily available optical heart rate sensor fromthe fitness industry for heart ratemonitoring in amedical setting.We compared the performance of the optical heart rate sensor with that of
ANDROID-LIST-2015.rar - The Bland–Altman analysis for repeated measures on 10-minute time windows in the awake state (around 7 PM) and during sleep (around 12 AM) was used to compare OHR and HRECG [6]. The Mann–Whitney U-test was used to compare the average HRECG and OHR of all patients in a 10-minute window in both activity states. All signal preprocessing and statistical analyses were performed with MATLAB 2011a [7]. The studywas approved by the local research ethics committee of the Academic Centre for Epileptology Kempenhaeghe.
EMBEDDED-LIST-MASTER.rar - The MIO sensor emitted the OHR signal at 1 Hz. The method for derivation of this OHR the raw PPG signal was not made public by the manufacturers. Heart rate was extracted offline the ECG data using a MATLAB implementation of Afonso et al. [5]. Outliers (heart rate N±30 of previous heart rate)were replaced by the average of the previous two heartbeats. Heart rate from
BIG-DATA-PROJECT-LIST-2015.rar - Bland–Altman plot showing the mean difference and limits of agreement for the heart rate fragment containing a partial complex seizure in patient two. There is a negligible bias, and limits of agreement aremuch lower thanwhatweremeasured during the tonic–clonic seizure. (B) Heart rate signals acquiredwith bothmethods for the same seizure fragment. The depicted continuous lines are based on 1-Hz measurements (one datapoint per second). The red points are the outliers in Fig. 3A. Panel C shows the ECG signalwith an electrode connection problem during the seizure leading to a flat line in the ECG. The interpolated heart rate generated outliers in the Bland–Altman plot. (For interpretation of the references to color in this figure legend, the reader is referred to the web version of this article.)
ANTENNA_PAPER.rar - Measurements during a tonic–clonic and a complex partial seizure are presented in Figs. 2 and 3. Especially during the tonic–clonic seizure, limits of agreement are high, possibly because the ECG signal is distorted. 3.3. Differences in measurements over all patients Both in wakefulness (U= 29, p = 0.69) and during sleep (U = 32, p=1.00), no significant difference in HRECG and OHR over all patients was found. 4. Discussion In ambulatory monitoring of patients
APPLICATION-PROJECT-LIST-2.rar - 1] Lamberts RJ, Thijs RD, Laffan A, Langan Y, Sander JW. Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy: people with nocturnal seizures may be at highest risk. Epilepsia 2012 53(2):253–7. [2] Zijlmans M, Flanagan D, Gotman J. Heart rate changes and ECG abnormalities during epileptic seizures: pr ence and definition of an objective clinical sign. Epilepsia 2002 43(8):847–54. [3] van Elmpt WJ, Nijsen TM, Griep PA, Arends JB. A model of heart rate changes to detect seizures in severe epilepsy. Seizure 2006 15(6):366–75. [4] Allen J. Photoplethysmography and its application in clinical physiological measurement. Physiol Meas 2007 28(3):R1-39. [5] Afonso V, Tompkins W, Nguyen T, Luo S. ECG beat detection
VLSI--PROJECT-LIST_AUG12015.rar - [6] Bland JM, Altman DG. Measuring agreement in method comparison studies. Stat Methods Med Res 1999 8:135–60. [7] MATLAB 2011a, The MathWorks, Inc., Natick, Massachusetts, United States. [8] Maeda Y, Sekine M, Tamura T. The advantages of wearable green reflected photoplethysmography. J Med Syst 2011 35(5):829–34. [9] Lee J, Matsumura K, Yamakoshi KI, Rolfe P, Tanaka S, Yamakoshi T. Comparison between red, green and blue light reflection photoplethysmography for heart rate monitoring during motion. Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2013 35th Annual International Conference of the IEEE. IEEE 2013. p. 1724–7. [10] January CT,Wann L, Alpert JS, et al. AHA/ACC/HRS guideline for the management of patients with atrial fibrillation: executive summary: a report of the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Task Force on practice guidelines and the Heart Rhythm Society. J Am Coll Cardiol
VB.NET-LIST-2015-2016.rar - measured with the OHR sensor seems to be equivalent to the heart rate derived fromautomatic ECG analysis,withmean differencesmostly below two beats per minute. The variation in differences between both methods, however, is high during wakefulness and during the occurrence of two seizures included in the data. A possible explanation for this higher variation is that movement occurring during wakefulness and during seizures leads to artifacts in the ECG and, therefore, less reliable derivation of HRECG. This would be in line with previous studies proposing that
cadcam_projectlist.rar - measured with the OHR sensor seems to be equivalent to the heart rate derived fromautomatic ECG analysis,withmean differencesmostly below two beats per minute. The variation in differences between both methods, however, is high during wakefulness and during the occurrence of two seizures included in the data. A possible explanation for this higher variation is that movement occurring during wakefulness and during seizures leads to artifacts in the ECG and, therefore, less reliable derivation of HRECG. This would be in line with previous studies proposing that
ANDROID-APPLICATION-PROJECT-LIST.rar - heart rate produced by algorithms embedded in the commercially available optical heart rate sensor. An analysis of the raw PPG signal is necessary to fully assess the usability of PPG for heart rate detection in epilepsy, for instance, by also including measures for heart rate variability. Mean heart rate is a suitable measure to detect tachycardia, bradycardia, and asystole, which are importantmarkers of clinical relevance of seizures. However, in other medical settings, such as the uation of arrhythmias [10], more features of heart rate and ECG characteristics such as QT interval,which PPG currently cannot provide, are necessary for proper monitoring. Measurements in other patient groups are necessary
APPLICATION-PROJECT-LIST-1.rar - Considering ambulatory seizure monitoring, we found that the optical heart rate sensor has several advantages over the standard ECG. The lack of electrodes and wires reduces potential skin irritation, risk of losing signal due to electrodes falling off, and unwanted incidents due to wires. These advantages are especially prominent when a patient has a seizure involving high-frequency motion and/or increased sweating.
Main.rar - Abstract—Demand Response (DR) and Time-of-Use (TOU) pricing refer to programs which offer incentives to customers who curtail their energy use during times of peak demand. In this paper, we propose an integrated solution to predict and re-engineer the electricity demand (e.g., peak load reduction and shift) in a locality at a given day/time. The system presented in this paper expands DR to residential loads by dynamically scheduling and controlling appliances in each dwelling unit. A decision-support system is developed to forecast electricity demand in the home and enable the user to save energy by recommending optimal run time schedules for appliances, given user constraints and TOU pricing the utility company. The schedule is communicated to the smart appliances over a self-organizing home energy network and d by the appliance control interfaces developed in this
06341870.rar - Abstract—This paper proposes a new strategy to meet the controllable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) load with a hybrid-renewable generation and energy storage system. Historical hourly wind speed, solar irradiance, and load data are used to stochastically model the wind generation, photovoltaic generation, and load. Using fuzzy C-Means (FCM) clustering, these data are grouped into 10 clusters of days with similar data points to account for seasonal variations. In order to minimize cost and increase efficiency, we use a GA-based optimization approach together with a two-point estimate method. Minimizing the cost function guarantees minimum PV and
Multifocus-Image-Fusion-Based-on-NSCT.rar - Abstract—To overcome the difficulties of sub-band coefficients selection in multiscale transform domain-based image fusion and solve the problem of block effects suffered by spatial domain-based image fusion, this paper presents a novel hybrid multifocus image fusion method. First, the source multifocus images are decomposed using the nonsubsampled contourlet transform (NSCT). The low-frequency sub-band coefficients are fused by the sum-modified-Laplacian-based local visual contrast, whereas the high-frequency sub-band coefficients are fused by the local Log-Gabor energy. The initial fused image is subsequently reconstructed based on the inverse NSCT with the fused coefficients. Second, after analyzing the similarity between the previous fused image and the source images, the initial focus area detection map is obtained, which is used for achieving the decision map obtained by employing a mathematical morphology postprocessing technique. Finally, based on the decision
AUTOMATIC-GLAUCOMA.rar - Nowadays Automation occupies various electronic sections by its comfortable nature. This is an era of automation where it is broadly defined as replacement of manual effort by electronic power in all degrees of automation. The operation remains an essential part of the system although with changing demands on physical input as the degree of mechanization is increased. Degrees of automation are of two types, viz.
WWWWW.rar - We propose a protocol for secure mining of association rules in horizontally distributed s. The current leading protocol is that of Kantarcioglu and Clifton [18]. Our protocol, like theirs, is based on the Fast Distributed Mining (FDM) algorithm of Cheung et al. [8], which is an unsecured distributed version of the Apriori algorithm. The main ingredients in our protocol are two novel secure multi-party algorithms—one that computes the union of private subsets that each of the interacting players hold, and another that tests the inclusion of an element held by one player in a subset held by another. Our protocol offers enhanced privacy with respect to the protocol in [18]. In addition, it is simpler and is significantly more efficient in terms of communication rounds, communication cost and computational cost.
ajassp.2014.969.977.rar - Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) is vulnerable to node capture attacks in which an attacker can capture one or more sensor nodes and reveal all stored security information which enables him to compromise a part of the WSN communications. Due to large number of sensor nodes and lack of information about deployment and hardware capabilities of sensor node, key management in wireless sensor networks has become a complex task. Limited memory resources and energy constraints are the other issues of key management in WSN. Hence an efficient key management scheme is necessary which reduces the impact of node capture attacks and consume less energy. In this study, we develop a cluster based technique for key management in wireless sensor network.
trellis-coded-spatial-modulation-(3).rar - Trellis coded modulation (TCM) is a well known scheme that reduces power requirements without any bandwidth expansion. In TCM, only certain sequences of successive constellation points are allowed (mapping by set partitioning). The novel idea in this paper is to apply the TCM concept to the antenna constellation points of spatial modulation (SM). The aim is to enhance SM performance in correlated channel conditions. SM considers the multiple transmit antennas as additional constellation points and maps a first part of a block of information bits to the transmit antenna indices. Therefore, spatial multiplexing gains are retained and spectral efficiency
base-paper2.rar - Abstract—A novel algorithm to remove rain or snow streaks a video sequence using temporal correlation and low-rank matrix completion is proposed in this paper. Based on the observation that rain streaks are too small and move too fast to affect the optical flow estimation between consecutive frames, we obtain an initial rain map by subtracting temporally warped frames a current frame. Then, we decompose the initial rain map into basis vectors based on the sparse representation, and classify those basis vectors into rain streak ones and outliers with a support vector machine. We then refine the rain map by excluding the outliers. Finally, we remove the detected rain streaks by employing a low-rank matrix completion technique. Furthermore, we extend the proposed algorithm to stereo video deraining. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm detects and removes rain or snow streaks efficiently, outperforming conventional algorithms.
generalised.RAR - Abstract—A generalised spatial modulation (SM) scheme with multiple active transmit antennas, named as multiple activespatial modulation (MA-SM), is proposed in this paper. By allowing multiple transmitting antennas in the SM system to transmit different symbols at the same time instant, MA-SM takes advantages of the low complexity of SM and high multiplexing gain of Vertical-Bell Lab Layered Space-Time (V-BLAST) system. In the MA-SM system, the transmitted symbols are mapped into a high dimensional constellation space including the spatial dimension. The general principle for designing the efficient MA-SM for arbitrary number of transmit antennas and modulation scheme is presented. Moreover, a near-optimal detection
Digital-Image-Sharing-by-Diverse-Image-Media.rar - the image security using diverse medis
pest-block-diagram.rar - pest identificatio in leafs...
compa.rar - comparator code for micarowind - The block diagrams for embedded projects...
corrected-journal.rar - haar wavelet compression and encryption
4.-IR-based-door-open-closed.rar - IR BASED PARKING LOT SYSTEMMM
3.-RF-based-audio-play.rar - audio play project with embedded concept
5.-ir-based-parking-system.rar - Embedded project for parking lot sensors
1.-android-based--Ignition-control.rar - application of mobile hardware development
Enhancement-of-LifetimeNetworks.rar - video putput of network life time project
10.rar - ppt for project development
Harnessing-Wind-Energy-to-power-Sensor-Networks-( - WIND ENERGY HARVESTING
FLUX-SENSOR-GSM-WITH-VOICE.rar - program for flex sensors
GLASS-FIBRE-REINFORCED-CONCRETE.rar - civil soil study black csol
BIOMEDICAL-PPT.rar - biomedical project for human health measuremnts.
sg_normalizesamplematrix.rar - MATLAB FILE TO PROJECT
sg_filterwithbank.rar - ALGORITHM FOR PALM RECOGNITION
sg_createfilterf2.rar - face filter program for matlab
aaa.rar - for lincense plate recognition
Android_Application_project_list.rar - android project list for developers
GEAR-CUTTING-OPERATION-IN-LATHE.rar - gear cutting attachment ib lathe...milling and grinding
Monitoring-of-bedridden-patients-Development-of-a - Bio-medical project for flex sensor based.
nano-literature-survey.rar - Nano technology literature surevy
CONVERTER2.rar - he MATLAB function is prepared to achieve function, median filtering, median filtering can reserve the image detail, and good salt pepper noise removal.
CONVERTER1.rar - converter topology for 3 level pf correction
graph.rar - ns 2 graph generation for delay throughput
block-diagram-Human-health-monitoring.rar - HEALTH MONITORING TOOL WINDOWS
How-to-display-image-in-GUI-using-Matlab-_-About- - GUI CREATING IN MATLAB EASY AND FAST - Boost converter for voltage boost and buck.
snippets(1).rar - snippets for dot net & java

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levelset_segmentation.rar - 水平集分割,偏移场校正,例子是对心脏CT图像与大脑图像的分割
heart_snake.rar - 通过Matlab实现Snake算法对心脏的分割,效果不错
Application.rar - This program use segmentation and filtre methode for angiographie image to detect heart vessel.
efficientLBP.rar - efficient LBP Local binary patterns (LBP) is a type of feature used for classification in computer vision. LBP is the particular case of the Texture Spectrum model proposed in 1990.[1][2] LBP was first described in 1994.[3][4] It has since been found to be a powerful feature for texture classification it has further been determined that when LBP is combined with the Histogram of oriented gradients (HOG) descriptor, it improves the detection performance considerably on some dataset
基于matlab的D2D 功率控制仿真.zip - 基于matlab的D2D通信功率控制仿真,包括开环功率控制和闭环功率控制 - 设备到设备(Device-to-device, D2D)通信是一种很有前途的提高蜂窝网络频谱效率的技术 网络。 在本文中,我们研究了联合上行链路和 下行资源分配问题的总和最大化 在保证服务质量的同时保证系统的数据速率 (QoS)蜂窝用户设备(CUEs)和D2D用户 设备(费)。
Resource-D2D-users.rar - D2D用户间的资源分配,对QoS的D2D通信资源分配算法研究有帮助 - 以纽约电站为例,了解建立调频电站遇到的问题、运用的模型、解模型算法以及关于经济性、系统影响、排放问题等等的研究。 - Battery energy management system using matlab
dianchijunhengdianlu.rar - 项目简介 (200字左右) 面对当前严峻的能源危机、环境污染等问题,开发研究电动汽车已成为汽车行业的主流方向,而目前高效稳定的动力电池是电动汽车研究领域的核心问题。因此,本项目研究电动汽车电池管理系统(BMS)的关键技术,探究准确估测电池的荷电状态(SOC)以及锂电池的外围均衡电路的设计方法。本项目将对具体工作模式下的SOC算法进行进一步的研究和归纳,以及进一步的实验认证;本项目还将对电池的过充和过放现象进行具体研究,设计实现电池过充过放状态下切断主电流回路的硬件电路。 - 燃料电池(fuel cell power train)能量管理策略,采用模糊控制、粒子群优化 使得电动车能量在锂离子电池和超级电容器之间进行优化分配
03-2x2MIMO系统的完整数据链仿真.zip - % Type of different detectors, parameters for Detector.m ML = 1; % Joint ML Detector JMMSE = 2; % Joint MMSE Detector ZF = 3; % Joint Zero-Forcing Detector % Type of different antenna selection criteria methods MBER = 1; MMI = 2; LAZY = 3; MNP = 4; %Minimum Noise Power MMNP = 5; LAZY2 = 6; real_ch = 0; % real_ch = 0 refers to simulated channel in MATLAB, otherwise refers to real channel SNR_dB = 20;% transmit SNR in the simulated channel nr_frames = 20; % number of frames sent when simulation. detect_type = ZF; % Detector choice select_type = MBER; % Antenna selection choice disp(''); tx(nr_frames); disp('Press any key to continue'); pause RF(real_ch,SNR_dB); disp('Press any key to continue'); pause BER = rx(detect_type,select_type);
Multi-User-Diversity-vs.-Accurate-Channel-State-I - In a multiple transmit antenna, single antenna per receiver downlink channel with limited channel state feedback, we consider the following question: given a constraint on the total system-wide feedback load, is it referable to get low-rate/coarse channel feedback from a large number of receivers or high-rate/high-quality feedback from a smaller number of receivers? Acquiring feedback from many receivers allows multi-user diversity to be exploited, while high-rate feedback allows for very precise selection of beamforming directions. We show that there is a strong preference for obtaining high-quality feedback, and that obtaining near-perfect channel information from as many receivers as possible provides a significantly larger sum rate than collecting a few feedback bits from a large number of users.
1.rar - Transmit Antenna Selection Strategies for Cooperative MIMO AF Relay Networks - 浮点数 矩阵乘法模块 verilog语言编写 可直接调用
悬臂梁振动主动控制.zip - 悬臂梁振动主动控制,pid控制,控制效果非常好 - 采用MR阻尼半主动振动控制的matlab仿真程序
BeamVibCon.rar - 采用LQR方法的悬臂梁振动主动控制的matlab程序
prog6_5.rar - 压电智能悬臂梁振动主动控制的研究 压电智能悬臂梁振动主动控制的研究
1×6结构35GHz基片集成波导缝隙天线设计.rar - 1. 设计基片集成波导,通过缝隙辐射电磁波结构 2. 工作频率:35GHz; 3.材料选取:介质基板:Rogers5880 相对介电常数:2.2 介质厚度:0.508mm 4. 性能指标: (1)工作频率35G; (2)在θ=0o增益达到10dB以上。有较好的方向性。 首先根据工作频率要求设计基片集成波导大概尺寸,然后选择渐变线形式微带SIW转换器进行馈电。基片集成波导终端短路,形成驻波。然后粗略计算波导缝隙的位置和尺寸。最后模型都需要通过HFSS软件仿真来优化分析得到最后结果。